A New Human Caravan Is Forming In America – TRUMP VOTERS

Thousands of paid marchers are making their way to the U.S. southern border this week which in turn has inspired MILLIONS of Americans to make their way to the voting booth come Election Day.

Races that clearly favored Democrats just a few weeks ago are not neck and neck as momentum has shifted favorably toward Republicans. This shift began in earnest with the despicable partisan hackery put on display during the Judge Kavanaugh nomination hearings that had hordes of protestors screaming at lawmakers and Democrat lawmakers practically screaming at Kavanaugh.

Then came the organized human caravan from Central America that intends to push its way illegally into the United States.

Americans have had enough of this nonsense and are prepared to let Washington D.C. know about it soon even as desperate Democrats scramble to push back via increasingly suspicious pipe bomb stories and yet further attacks against President Trump.

The president has an army of supporters that number in the tens of millions and that army is now on the march.

Will it be enough to secure victory away from the globalists who would see America further divided, weakened, and ultimately defeated?

We shall soon see…