A Tale Of Two Political Rallies: Trump vs Obama

The Establishment Media was very-very careful how it filmed this week’s Barack Obama get-out-the-Midterm-vote rally this week for no other reason than the turnout was so minimal and the enthusiasm clearly so very forced. That Obama-led rally was nothing compared to the rocking and raucous filled-to-the-rafters turnout for President Trump in Texas and an earlier rally in Nevada, the very same state Mr. Obama showed up to.

The pictures don’t lie…

Obama failed to generate enough enthusiasm to even come close to filling the 3000 seat Cox Pavilion at the University of Nevada. Estimates place the crowd at about 2000—mostly college students.

Trump, on the other hand, spoke to more than 8500 supporters in Nevada just days before the Obama rally. Yesterday’s Texas rally for Senator Ted Cruz, highlighted by a Trump appearance, had a crowd estimated to be close to 18000 at the Toyota Center.

The Daily Caller reported that more than 100,000 Trump supporters attempted to get tickets to the event. Such a show of support during a Midterm Election cycle is unprecedented.

Does this support indicate yet another stunning Trump victory this November?

The media and Democrats remain confident they will take back the House and from there work to eliminate President Trump in 2020 under the weight of Congressional investigations and planned economic chaos.