“A Wretched Start For Democrats”

The first two Democrat debates are now widely admitted to have been political sideshow trainwrecks as each candidate attempted to promise more freebies than the other while completely ignoring the needs of the vast majority of Americans who make up the Middle Class. A once-great political party continues to drift into the abyss, drowning under the weight of the silly, the absurd, and the dangerously divisive and ignorant.

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There was the silly pandering to the Hispanic vote by multiple (and horribly awkward) attempts to answer questions in Spanish.

And don’t forget the ongoing denial of economic reality as candidate after candidate tries to convince voters what their own eyes and ears are telling them is wrong—namely that the United States is right now enjoying a Trump-led economic miracle the likes of which hasn’t been seen in a generation and that is benefitting ALL Americans regardless of race, religion, or sexual identity. 

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And make no mistake, more and more voters are seeing through the insincere pandering that is Democrat election-cycle promises even as they also realize how destructive Democrat policies have been for millions of Americans across the country:

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