AG Barr Has Been Investigating Obama Deep State For Months. See Proof Here…

It is a fascinating thing to behold how Attorney General William Barr has been so expertly navigating the dark and troubled waters of the D.C. Spygate scandal.

This week he publicly discloses having assigned a bulldog of a federal prosecutor with a storied career in bringing down big-name criminals. The real purpose of that disclosure, though, appears to actually have been to deliver a significant rattle to the cages of various Obama-era Deep State operatives because, in fact, this investigation has already been ongoing FOR MONTHS, leading some to believe the attorney general has been slowly letting out more and more rope to those who predictably wrapped it around their own collective necks.

Check out the below copy of a congressional document from January which outlines what was (and is) an ongoing investigation being headed by John Durham—the very prosecutor Attorney General Barr announced this week was looking into the Spygate scandal. As the cockroaches now scramble to cover their tracks the attorney general can watch and wait, knowing he’s actually been investigating them for months.



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