AG William Barr Takes A Flamethrower To Radical Dems Conspiracy Theories

So far President Trump’s new Attorney General is showing many times more pushback and grit than former AG Jeff Sessions and that’s a good thing for truth and accountability.

This week the Attorney General faced down the attempted taunts and accusations of unhinged Democrats in a way that has left many in the Mainstream Media increasingly frustrated. 

The reason is simple. Truth is winning and they know that also means President Trump is winning.

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Via The Limbaugh Report:

As per usual in these circumstances, this is an amazing thing to watch. You got all these Democrats on this committee that’s led by Serrano from New York, Jose Serrano from New York, and they got Bill Barr, the attorney general. They think they’re gonna get to the bottom because the Democrats without fake news and without conspiracies don’t have any news. They’ve got nothing going on unless they make it up or get a conspiracy.

So they are convinced, they’re convinced that they’re gonna get the truth out of Barr today. They are convinced that they’re gonna put so much pressure on this guy that he’s not gonna know what hit ’em. They are convinced that Barr is going to be begging them to go easy on him after they pummel him and pummel him and get him to admit that the report says that Trump did collude with Russia, that he’s lied about it in his summary and please forgive him.

They are convinced that this happened and they are convinced that they’re gonna make Barr say it. It’s amazing. (paraphrasing) “Well, I don’t think what you’re telling us is the truth. Your four-page summary, it was an immediate conclusion, you couldn’t possibly have known. We know there was collusion.”

“Well, there wasn’t.”

“But, but, but, the special counsel, two years, and we know, the New York Times.”

“There wasn’t any.”

“But, but, you know there was. There has to have been. None of this can be explained otherwise.”

“Sorry. You know, the special counsel even told us before he submitted the report that there wasn’t gonna be any collusion.”

“No! No! No, no, no, no, no! That has to be another lie.”

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“Well, I’m the chief law enforcement officer in the country, and I can’t come here and lie to you.”

“Still, it can’t be true, it can’t be true. This is suspicious. This is very suspicious. You’re just covering for the president.”

“Well, I’m just telling you what the special counsel said. And, you know what? Special counsel even told us before he submitted the report the direction it was going. We’ve known for maybe a year and a half there wasn’t any collusion.”

“No! No! No, there was collusion, there was collusion, there was –”

“Well, I’m sorry, but there wasn’t.”

“No ho-ho!” They’re going nuts. They’re literally — folks, these people literally thought that they were gonna be able to browbeat Barr into admitting that he cut some corners and took a circuitous route and was actually papering over a bunch of stuff for the president. And then Barr stunned them by saying, “Not only that, Congresswoman, but we offered the special counsel a chance to review my four-page summary before I released it.”

“Yeah? Yeah? Mueller saw it before you released it?”

“No, he didn’t see it. He said he didn’t need to see it, Congressman. The special counsel declined our offer to see the report, the four-page summary in advance, because he said he had faith in my work. We had a very positive working relationship. Mr. Integrity, Bob Mueller, and me, Mr. Integrity Jr., we work together –”

“No ho! No ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! There’s got to be some collusion in there. We’re gonna find it, we’re gonna find it.” It’s been comical to watch. It’s pathetic. The Democrats are literally making fools of themselves and do not know it. They believe that they are superior. They believe and are fully convinced that there’s collusion in there and that somehow it’s being covered up and that they’re gonna be able to get Barr to reveal it.

Barr is unflappable, he’s unmoved, and you know what he’s learned? I was telling Mr. Snerdley earlier, William Barr has learned to suffer fools. Some people can’t. Some people don’t have any patience with idiots, and they cannot hide the fact that they know they’re dealing with idiots. Bill Barr knows that he’s dealing with imbalanced, out-of-balance people here, but he doesn’t betray that he knows that.

The Democrats are being driven mad. By the way, have you heard the phrase “handpicked attorney general Bill Barr” what cabinet secretary isn’t handpicked? They are all handpicked. And everybody in the Drive-By Media is using “President Trump’s handpicked attorney general William Barr.” Oh, you mean Jeff Sessions wasn’t handpicked? He was forced on us by Kislyak, the Russian ambassador at lunch one day?

So now there’s a big move on the Democrats are criticizing Trump for packing his cabinet with loyalists. Yeah. Trump is getting grief for putting supporters on his cabinet. I guess what he’s supposed to do is hire saboteurs and have a confederacy of enemies advising him so that he will not be able to accomplish his own agenda because he’s supposed to put people in there who will not help him move it forward.

I mean, this is — perverted is not the word. It’s just, these people, I keep looking for new ways to express the depths to which they have sunk. I think it’s all rooted in their abject hatred. And I think it’s resulted in severe poisoning of their emotions and of their mind. You know, at one point I thought this was a pretty good act. But it’s gone on longer than any of these people have the ability to consistently act this. I know that’s saying something, because they do have an incredible ability to act and be phony. But this has taken hold of them.

…But this has been so far outside the bounds of civility and normalcy that I want to continue to call attention to it because to even characterize this as an investigation gives it a legitimacy that it does not deserve. None of this is legitimate. None of this should have ever, ever happened.

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There should have been at any point from the origins of this, there should have been — and there wasn’t — one person to stand up and say, “Stop this. This is a violation of law. This is a violation of our ethics. This is a violation of our representative republic. This is a violation of every American ideal we hold dear.” There wasn’t one person, that we know of that stood up and said, “Stop it.” Everybody involved in it promoted it, acted in it, sponsored it, promoted it, amplified it, egged it on.

At every stage of this there should have been one Gary Cooper somewhere. There should have been a John Wayne somewhere that just stood up and said, “Stop this.” Somebody with the moral authority that when they said “stop” it would stop. But nobody did. At least we don’t know if anybody did.

It continued and it continued with the approval and the support, both financial and moral, of high officials in the Obama administration and in the U.K. intelligence agencies. We were so close. Folks, I need to point out again, we had an international effort to find even a speck of dirt to disqualify Donald Trump, and nobody could. We inadvertently, the American people, we inadvertently elected the cleanest and purest citizen we’ve got.

Who else in American politics could have survived an international effort to find a speck of dirt to disqualify something? They couldn’t find a single thing, even implanting spies. Now, none of us knew this. In fact, most of us voting for Trump thought we had to hold our nose about a couple things, when in fact we’ve got the cleanest and purest international citizen that we could have elected. But we came so close. So that’s why I continue to focus on this.