ALERT: Justice Ginsburg “Not Even In DC” As Grave Health Rumors Swirl

Via comments from Dr. Sebastian Gorka last night, (as well as repeated whispers from the Supreme Court press pool) rumors are swirling that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was relocated to New York City and preparing to vacate her position due to illness. While some claim she continues to receive treatment and/or recover from her recent cancer diagnosis, others suggest she is in fact receiving hospice care in New York City and hasn’t been in Washington D.C. for several days. The truth perhaps can be found somewhere in the middle of both those extremes but what is undeniable is that should Ginsburg step down the battle to fill that vacancy on the Court will likely be as contentious and hard-fought as anything we’ve yet seen.


UPDATE: Some media push back against reports like those from Dr. Gorka indicate Justice Ginsburg is “recovering” from her cancer treatment and plans to rejoin the Court somet time next month. Again, the truth likely is to be found somewhere in the middle of both extremes.



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