ALERT: Within Hours Of Releasing Shocking Google Manipulation Report, Project Veritas Site Goes Down

Coincidence or something more sinister?

As of right now, the ProjectVeritas website can no longer be accessed. This “website down” moment occurred within hours of the investigative site’s video release of the stunning lengths Google execs are allegedly taking to ensure “we never have another Trump.” 

America is becoming an increasingly scary place, isn’t it? And it has nothing to do with President Trump but rather the collective and far-reaching powers that are so determined to destroy him and his tens of millions of supporters. Google’s political leanings are well known by now, and the company has every right to its opinion be it political or other, but let’s all hope it had nothing to do with a potential attack on an opposing viewpoint’s investigative website.

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You can check in on the website yourself HERE

And if you haven’t done so yet you can watch the site’s most recent investigative report below: