APPALLING: Obama Administration Directly Attacks Israel’s Jewish Faith

It has been years of repeated slights, snide remarks, whispered innuendo, and ongoing nods and winks at the expense of the only democratic nation in the Middle East, a place where women, minorities, and the LGBT community are allowed to live in freedom.

And yet, here is the Obama administration attacking Israel and its people for their Jewish faith.

At the State Department, here is the publicly voiced opinion of current Obama Secretary of State, John Kerry:

“…But here is a fundamental reality. If the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both. And it won’t ever really be at peace.”

The above is among the most inflammatory, arrogant, and ignorant statements to EVER come out of the mouth of a high-ranking State Department official and in fact lays the groundwork in justifying the very Muslim terrorism that has threatened the safety of Israel for generations.


When has John Kerry, or Barack Obama, or anyone else among the godless turds that make up the current Obama administration condemned a Muslim nation for being too Muslim – of clinging to its Muslim faith? The very same Muslim nations who surround Israel and call for it to be wiped from the face of the earth?



And don’t ignore the implications Mr. Kerry’s statement has upon how the administration views religion here in the United States. Is it any wonder so many of faith feel as if they’ve been under attack for the last eight years when those in charge of the government cannot fathom how a Christian nation can also be a democratic one?

There are 22 days until the Obama White House is no more.

It can’t come soon enough.