Are Democrats From Another Planet?

With things going so well for America right now, especially for the long-struggling Middle Class, it seems the constant complaints coming from the far left reflects a people far removed from reality…

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Via The Washington Examiner:

What planet are the Democrats on?

I ask that question for two reasons. First, because the 2020 Democratic presidential front-runner happily ignores China, America’s preeminent threat. Second, because Democrats seem determined to destroy an economic model that is producing record benefits to individuals in society — and in particular to the lower-income workers they claim to support.

Consider the latest unemployment data released Friday. Alongside an increase in productivity of 3.6%, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday that the unemployment rate fell to 3.6% over the first quarter 2019. That’s the lowest rate since we first landed on the moon. And that 3.6% matching speaks to an economy that is growing, dynamic, and moral. Consider that the data also shows Hispanic unemployment is now at just 4.2%. Aside from static year-on-year changes in (still very low) unemployment for blacks, and a 0.2% year-on-year increase in unemployment for teenagers, the economy is boosting employment for every listed demographic subset.


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Yet Democrats say that Trump’s economy is somehow immoral. When they aren’t trying to assign credit for it to Obama, they claim that it punishes the middle class and the poor. And so, rather than doubling down on the economic fortune we now find, Democrats are pledging to shred Trump’s corporate tax reforms, escalate regulation, and increase state control in the economy.

This is insane.

Why don’t Democrats ask themselves why it is that only teenage or youth unemployment is increasing. Might it be due to state and local minimum wage laws pricing out of the workforce those with the least skill? Democrats don’t want to hear the answer to that.

Don’t get me wrong, we should be polite in discussing these issues. But we should also be bold and relentless. Democrats are trying to craft an economic morality narrative that flies in the face of the Republican policies that are actually making the economy and lives better. It’s an unsustainable level of insincerity on their part.

From my point of view, there will be two critical concerns in November 2020: the economy and countering China. At the moment, Trump is by far the better candidate on both of those fronts.