As Trump Signals He Won’t Pursue Legal Charges Against Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation Shows Signs Of Collapsing

Team Trump announced the small-potatoes investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server was not to be a critical component of the administration’s first one hundreds days. Instead, that focus is to be upon jobs/national security/immigration and healthcare.

It is believed Trump aide Kellyanne Conway was instrumental in laying out the pros and cons of President-Elect Trump pursuing an investigation against Mrs. Clinton. Conway wants the emerging Trump administration to “go big” and likely sees the Clintons as a matter that makes the presidency appear small and vindictive. In order for the Trump agenda to gain quick passage, a Trump White House will need the help of at least some Democrats to do so.

That does not mean the matter of the still-ongoing FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation is concluded, though.

In fact, that investigation is rumored to be far-reaching and will continue regardless of the Trump administration’s statements regarding Hillary Clinton’s private email server, though Conway wants to make certain the investigation maintains a the appearance of being entirely independent of any influence from a Trump White House.

A related story yesterday via Investors Business Daily titled, Is The Clinton Foundation Doomed? suggested the foundation’s future is indeed an uncertain one:

“…the signs aren’t good for the Clintons. Take as but one example the government of tiny but oil-rich Norway, which has one of the world’s largest sovereign investment funds. It will next year slash its giving to the Clintons by nearly 90% off the peak gift of $25 million last year.


No doubt, others are also sharply reducing their gifts to the Clintons — and will continue to do so in the coming years — now that Hillary won’t have an even bigger office from which to solicit “donations.” Without political clout to sell, the troubled Clinton Foundation has little if anything to offer.”

What Donald Trump has initiated is an epic Art of the Deal moment. He has defeated and humiliated the Clintons without the appearance of having personally done so. There will be a short-term political cost paid for that, given it lacks the “lock her up” moment many of Trump’s supporters wanted, but longer term, it sends a signal to both political friend and foe alike that a President Trump will be a far more politically capable institution than many thought likely.

The Clintons are fading into political insolvency. Barack Obama is packing his bags and preparing for his “don’t forget about me” tour. Republicans control both Congress and the White House, as well as a majority of state governors and legislative bodies.

The tide has turned.

The Age of Trump begins…