Attorney General Barr Again Calls Out Obama White House Over Illegal Spying

Oh my. This is getting VERY interesting as Attorney General Bill Barr publicly reasserts the now growing belief that the Obama White House orchestrated what might very well be one of the greatest and most dangerous political scandals in U.S. history:

This is an example of a very bright and knowledgable public figure, (Barr) absolutely decimating a far left political hack who is upset at the use of the word spying far more than the actual fact of illegal spying.

If the Attorney General keeps this up he is going to find himself being seen as a much-deserved national treasure by those who have long yearned for real truth and accountability in government. Democrats and their media cohorts have been caught doing something very wrong and are scrambling to muddy the waters, confuse the people, so as to preserve their political survival.

Bill Barr does not appear interested in allowing that to happen.

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