Obama Paid $800,000 From Wall Street In One Week For A Job Well Done.

This week former president Barack Obama was paid nearly a million dollars for two short speeches. The payment appears to be for a “job well done.” Under Obama Wall Street profits soared while Main Street continued to struggle and the gap between the rich and the poor has never been greater. And those Wall Street profits were primarily financed on the back of Mr. Obama’s history-shattering levels of deficit spending.

Seems there is a great deal of money to be made giving speeches about caring for the poor.


The first speech the president signed up for is a banking summit where he will earn a quick $400,000 speaking and schmoozing with the very people he convinced voters he was against:

The second speech was a 90-minute giggle and nod affair given in front of a roomful of Wall Street media advertisers.

These paid speeches are but the first of many likely to come from the Obama Machine.

Michelle Obama is also being scheduled for similar money-grab speeches in the coming months as well to the very same organizations she railed against when her husband was running for president in 2008.

It appears their conscience has a price and for now, that price is about $400,000 a pop.


Paul Ryan Sides With Open Border Democrats – Moves To Block Border Wall Funding (VIDEO)

As soon as reports emerged of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s behind the scenes efforts to delay (indefinitely) President Donald Trump’s attempts to initiate a large-scale southern border project, Trump supporters understandably cried foul. 

It appears Mr. Ryan is working hand in hand with his open-border Democrat Party counterparts, once again proving that the Trump administration is having to combat the establishment that is BOTH political parties in Washington D.C.


A New Globalist Manifesto: Silence Conservatives. Destroy Trump. Dominate America & The World

A takeover of Fox News began several years ago. It was a slow but steady push by the younger Murdoch generation to “mainstream” the longtime leading cable news network. This was completed in part via carefully constructed staff turmoil that has since led to abrupt departures by longtime on-air personalities and some among the network’s management team.

All this is but one piece of a much larger globalist puzzle that in order to succeed, must see America bent and finally broken. The plan is underway. It is happening all around us. And those who have long orchestrated its implementation are more determined than ever to see it succeed.

Donald Trump’s victory in the last presidential election stunned the globalist machine. He represented an unknown – something the true ruling class fears greatly, having spent trillions of dollars pre-determining outcomes at every turn, year after year, decade after decade.

Mr. Trump’s destruction is target #1. The globalists have no intention of allowing him a second term in his current form. Either he complies with their demands, or they will do all they can to see him utterly defeated.

Media institutions like Fox News are being brought to heel. This is but one example of the ongoing war against free thought and exchange of ideas. Conservatism and Libertarianism are being forced into the shadows deemed dangerous to the public good. It began on college campuses, in classrooms, and has since spread into workplace. Next will be our homes, our bedrooms, our very thoughts will be monitored and punished if those thoughts fall outside the globalists’ intellectual mandates. The media’s role is paramount in that effort. Day after day, night after night, their job is to inform all of us what is “acceptable” and what is not, and those media figures/entertainers who will not willingly participate in that globalist cause, who will not be absorbed by the group-think machine, will see their careers greatly diminished and/or eliminated.

All of the above is conjecture based on fact, or fact based on conjecture, a thing of fiction that is reality.

It doesn’t matter. It IS happening.

Or it isn’t.

You decide.


YUGE: Trump Inaugural Committee Smashes Obama 2009 Fundraising Record

Once again, Donald Trump is proving just how wrong the Mainstream Media has been. They would have you believe he is a highly unpopular and divisive president. In 2009, when Barack Obama set what was then an all-time inaugural committee fundraising record, the media portrayed it as proof of Mr. Obama’s considerable popularity.

Well, Donald Trump just DOUBLED Obama’s previous record. Guess that means Mr. Trump  is actually TWICE as popular as Mr. Obama.

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White Males Targeted During Fresno Terror Attack: Three Dead

His name is Kori Ali Muhammad, the primary suspect in a shooting rampage that has left three people dead.

Muhammad was reportedly crying out  “Allahu Akbar” during the attack.

Police tackled him to the ground and he has been taken into custody.

The suspected killer is said to be Muslim and inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Below is a music media video he made celebrating the chance to kill white people. All of the Fresno shooting victims were white males.

H/T The Gateway Pundit


NBC Sports Announcer Demands NO AMERICAN FLAGS At Sporting Events!!??

While posting a photo of a large American flag being stretched out across a field just prior to a professional sporting event, NBC sportscaster Craig Calcaterra demanded future displays of patriotism be banned.

The Twitter response was not kind.

Others were quick to come to the American flag’s defense, even as Mr. Calcaterra attempted to double-down on his position:

(see below)



New Book By Campaign Insiders Shreds Hillary Clinton: “A Fuming, Pissed Off” Mess…

Rumors of her instability were rampant during the campaign. The Mainstream Media ignored those, of course. Now, with the campaign over, and her defeat secured in presidential campaign history, insiders are going public with some of what was the real Hillary Clinton – an abusive, moody, all-demanding tyrant.

Via: The Gateway Pundit

Hillary Insiders Speak Out; New Book Reveals How Much of a Whiny B*tch She Was During Campaign

“…Her aides took the browbeating — one of several she delivered in person and on the phone that day — in silence. They had a lot of their own thoughts on what went wrong, some of which echoed Hillary’s assessment: her message was off for Michigan, and she had refused to go hard against trade; Mook had pinched pennies and failed to put organizers on the ground; the polling and analytics were a touch too rosy, meaning the campaign didn’t know Bernie was ahead; she had set up an ambiguous decision-making structure on the campaign; and she’d focused too heavily on black and brown voters at the expense of competing for the whites who had formed her base in 2008. The list went on and on. 

The underlying truth — the one that many didn’t want to admit to themselves — was the person ultimately responsible for these decisions, the one whose name was on the ticket, hadn’t corrected these problems, all of which had been brought to her attention before primary day. She’d stuck with the plan, and it had cost her.

While the campaign projected a ­drama-free tenor, it was reminiscent of other moments of frustration.

…Hillary’s severe, controlled voice crackled through the line first. It carried the sound of a disappointed teacher or mother delivering a lecture before a whipping. That back end was left to Bill, who lashed out with abandon. Eyes cast downward, stomachs turning — both from the scare tactics and from their own revulsion at being chastised for Hillary’s failures — Hillary’s talented and accomplished team of professionals and loyalists simply took it. There was no arguing with Bill Clinton.

You haven’t buried this thing, the ruddy-cheeked former president rasped. You haven’t figured out how to get Hillary’s core message to the voters. This has been dragging on for months, he thundered, and nothing you’ve done has made a damn bit of difference. Voters want to hear about Hillary’s plans for the economy, and you’re not making that happen. Now, do your damn jobs.

“We got an ass-chewing,” one of the participants recalled months later.”



It was repeated chaos and emotional outbursts behind the scenes of Team Clinton. The media knew this and yet, it went unreported. Instead, the media attempted to argue it was the Trump campaign that was in chaos, when in fact, on a personality level, Donald Trump was calm and measured throughout the process – even energized by it.


Republican Wins Kansas Special Election Liberal Media Said Might Go To Democrats

The leftist American media repeated the mantra in recent weeks that an anti-Trump backlash could very well result in a Democrat winning a special election to fill the vacated Kansas congressional seat of Mike Pompeo. (Pompeo became President Trump’s CIA Director.)

Apparently, the voters once again refused to listen to the liberal media. A Republican won the seat comfortably, once again confirming that this “anti-Trump backlash” is largely a figment of the far left’s troubled imagination.

The Republican winner, Ron Estes, enjoyed a reasonable amount of support from the GOP and a campaign trail visit from Texas Senator Ted Cruz while his opponent, James Thompson, was largely supported by the Soros-funded “Our Revolution” a far-left socialist group that is an extension of the failed Bernie Sanders presidential campaign of last year.

Watch for the leftist media to pivot from “Estes could win” to “he only lost by about 8 points” which they will then use to portray the entirety of the Republican majority as in jeopardy come the 2018 Midterm Elections. They could be right, but not because of an uprising from the political left, but rather, from disgruntled Republican/Conservative/Independent voters disgusted by the spineless nature that is the current Republican leadership in Congress who are clearly far more concerned about holding on to power than they are about doing the work of the people as represented by Donald Trump’s stunning 2016 presidential victory.

Obamacare still remains in place. Tax reform is being delayed.

Little is getting done in Congress. If Republicans want to hold onto control of Congress, that has to change. They need to give voters a reason to keep them their. So far, they haven’t done so.


REPORT: How Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama Brought Slavery Back To Northern Africa

Human trafficking. Slavery. Subjugation. Flesh markets. It’s all a once-again way of life in Libya, the very nation the Obama administration (at the urging of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) “freed” from the oppression of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. That “freedom” brought Libya into anarchy. Bloodshed followed. So too did ISIS. And now, a thriving human slavery market has emerged – courtesy of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


Via International Business Times :

Migrants are being sold at open slave markets in Libya

Migrants from West Africa are being openly traded in “public slave markets” across Libya.

As a departure point for refugees trying to get to Europe, migrants arriving in Libya from sub-Saharan Africa are particularly vulnerable due to a lack of money and little in the way of documentation.

“Migrants who go to Libya while trying to get to Europe, have no idea of the torture archipelago that awaits them just over the border,” said Leonard Doyle, chief IOM spokesman in Geneva. “There they become commodities to be bought, sold and discarded when they have no more value.”


And don’t think for a minute these are only adult slaves being bought and sold. No, Libya is now a primary distribution point for child slavery – including children used and then discarded as sex slaves.  Such use of children has long been an integral component of the Muslim faith across the globe, both historically and sadly, in the present day.

Related: Human trafficking in Libya


It’s NOT the Nuclear Option – It’s the REID OPTION

Republicans in Congress are once again showing how clueless they are in constructing accurate and effective communication to the American people. Over and over again they have allowed the Liberal Media to brand the idea of pushing forward with a Senate confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch as the “nuclear option.”

A more accurate term would be the “Reid Option” because it was former Democrat Senator Harry Reid who created that simple majority vote option in 2011 when Democrats controlled the Senate. Republicans warned them then that control could change. In 2014, it did, and now Democrats are crying foul of the very same rules they applied against Republicans – the Reid Option.


The Reid Option - DCWhispers.com

For some reason, few Republicans are now reminding the media that it is the Reid Option they are now utilizing for the Gorsuch nomination. It is another confounding example of a party dealing with leaderless leadership. Both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel and House Speaker Paul Ryan should be repeating the Reid Option phrase over and over again to remind everyone that Republicans are now merely playing by the very same rules Democrats initiated in 2011.

It’s called perspective – and Republicans are repeatedly falling short of outlining that perspective. Be it a lack of intelligence or cohesiveness, that kind of weakness needs to be remedied. America needs clear, concise, and effective leadership. President Trump is doing his part from the White House. Job creation is up. Consumer confidence is soaring. The stock market continues to make historic gains. America-first trade negotiations are imminent. Illegal immigration is already on the decline.

These positives are happening despite a pathetic and disjointed Republican-controlled Congress.

Time to get their act together or find leadership that will.

In the meantime, proceed as planned with the Reid Option.

And welcome to the Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch.


Black Female ESPN Reporter Punished For Her Conservative Views

Sage Steele has been a consistent presence on ESPN for more than a decade. She’s attractive, knowledgeable – and loves America. It is that last quality that has apparently put her in the timeout room of her ESPN bosses. 

Where are the Hollywood elite coming to Steele’s defense? Where are Democrats proclaiming ESPN is practicing a racist anti-woman agenda?

Crickets. You see, American leftists would have conservatives in this country treated very similar to Jews during 1930’s Germany. They are marked, denounced, and punished for simply being who they are.


ESPN replaces Sage Steele on ‘NBA Countdown’ amid network’s decision to limit on-air talent’s political commentary

“Sage Steele has been replaced by Michelle Beadle on ESPN’s “NBA Countdown.”

Steele has been with ESPN for a decade, and has been at the center of several controversies in recent months regarding her conservative political views. In January, Steele came under fire when she complained about protesters of President Donald Trump’s travel ban, causing her to miss her flights.

She also faced heat for abruptly ending an interview with Arcade Fire lead singer Win Butler after he voiced his left-leaning political opinions at the NBA’s Celebrity All-Star Game, and for criticizing NFL players’ decision not to kneel for the National Anthem.

Most recently, Steele found herself in hot water after saying at a conference in February that the “worst racism that I have received … is from black people.”

“There are times that I believe that we, as African-Americans, can be hypocritical, and that is to not look ourselves in the mirror when we are saying certain things and blaming other groups for one thing when we are doing the exact same thing,” she added.”


Note how ESPN is stating Steel’s demotion is an attempt to curtail on-air talent’s sharing of their political views. Steel’s replacement is Michelle Beadle:

This is the very same Michelle Beadle who tweeted “Chant, Monkeys chant” during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) which featured several prominent Black speakers including Sheriff David Clark and Dr. Ben Carson – both supporters of President Donald Trump.

ESPN has since promoted her. Let that sink in.

Sage Steele speaks of honoring America, its soldiers, and its flag – and is punished.

Michelle Beadle calls conservatives – including Black conservatives, “Monkeys” and is rewarded.

ESPN – Heil Hitler.


FAKE NEWS: Liberal Media Ignores Shocking Proof Of Illegal Obama Political Surveillance

Even by the liberal media standards, this is pathetic. Over the last 48-hours, proof has emerged that top Obama officials weaponized national security agencies to wage unprecedented attacks against political opponents. Susan Rice, former Obama National Security Adviser, was outed as among those in the former Obama administration who was doing so.

Today, the liberal media ignores those blockbuster revelations, hoping enough Americans are not paying attention.


Report: Entire Russia-Trump Story A “Team Obama Operation”

The Russia-Trump story was apparently hatched months before the 2016 election but not given serious consideration as Team Obama, the entirety of both the Democrat and Republican Establishment, and the Mainstream Media, were confident Hillary Clinton would be the next POTUS. In the final weeks before the vote, apprehension of a Trump upset victory grew tenfold. Panic set in. And the Trump-Russian fabrication was given new life.

The fact there was no truth to the story didn’t matter. Team Obama invented it. Establishment politicians embraced it. And the Mainstream Media happily pushed it into the public narrative. 

It was all a lie.

Left: Valerie Jarret. Middle: Susan Rice. Right: Hillary Clinton


Check out this headline today from the New York Post:

Fresh evidence the Russia ‘scandal’ is a Team Obama operation

“…we also know that the Obama administration later changed the classification of the “unmasked” transcripts, and other similar material, in order to spread the information as widely as possible within the government.

The motive for that was (supposedly) to prevent Team Trump from burying it all once it took over. But the result was that it made it relatively safe for someone (or someones) to leak the info to the press.

Rice certainly wasn’t politically naive about the political uses of intelligence information. She was, after all, the Obama official who famously made the rounds spouting the false “Our intel says it was about the video” line on the Benghazi attack back during the 2012 campaign.”


Team Obama willfully weaponized the nation’s intelligence operations against private citizens to influence an election both before and after. That is a far more grievous offense than anything an unknown Russian hacker may or may not have done in disclosing DNC emails. (which by the way showed proof of cheating by the Hillary Clinton campaign)

An outgoing president actively sought to harm an incoming president.

If Americans are fine with that, this country is in far more dire shape than even the pessimists among us might have thought.


There Is No Independent Media. There Is Only The Democrat Party. See Why (PIC)

Look how linked those running the largest news media outlets are linked to the Obama and Clinton Machines. So many have wondered why some stories are ignored, and others exaggerated. The reason is simply. Check out this list of those who decide what is “news” and what is not.

There’s already a word for that kind of incestuous relationship. It’s called propaganda.


Reporter Adam Housley Declares Illegal Obama Spy Program “Unprecedented”

Late yesterday, D.C. Whispers went live with the following report:

BREAKING: Susan Rice Preparing To Take Fall For Illegal Obama Spy Program?

Today, Adam Housley confirms much of that D.C. Whispers report while further outlining just how vast, illegal, and unprecedented was the Obama political spy operation:

“We know that there was this. There was electronic surveillance on Trump and the people close to Donald Trump, including some supporters, for up to a year before inauguration. That information was disseminated we’re told through NSA channels. It’s unprecedented, I’m told, the way this was done. The mention of US citizens is supposed to be masked, whether, that means taken out of a report. So, for example, I call somebody in Bulgaria and that’s picked up some how by our agencies and there’s nothing there causing national security, there’s nothing there causing a crime, that report would come out and say American #1 or my name would not be there. What I’m told now is that when these reports came out names were there and that is unprecedented.”

It was most likely unprecedented because it wasn’t national security surveillance but rather, the widespread use of national intelligence agencies then weaponized to be used against political opponents. Richard Nixon was threatened with impeachment for merely considering such a thing.

The Obama government actually did it. It is why the Mainstream Media is working so hard to attack one of the primary messengers, (Congressman Nunes) and fill coverage with anti-Trump stories. The Obama spy program is perhaps among the most illegal acts of any administration in American history. People go to jail for this kind of thing.

People SHOULD go to jail for this kind of thing.


BREAKING: Susan Rice Preparing To Take Fall For Illegal Obama Spy Program?

Mike Cernovich has come out today to declare former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice as the one who gave the order to illegally “unmask” several members of the Trump transition team. Cernovich also indicated several members of the Mainstream Media knew of the illegal Obama spy program story and refused to cover it in order to protect Barack Obama. 

Readers might recall it was Rice who was pushed out front and center during the Benghazi Massacre scandal. If Mr. Cernovich’s reporting is correct, it appears the Obama Machine is about to use her in that same sacrificial capacity yet again.

Cernovich went on to further detail his claims HERE

Susan Rice, who served as the National Security Adviser under President Obama, has been identified as the official who requested unmasking of incoming Trump officials, Cernovich Media can exclusively report.
  The White House Counsel’s office identified Rice as the person responsible for the unmasking after examining Rice’s document log requests. The reports Rice requested to see are kept under tightly-controlled conditions. Each person must log her name before being granted access to them.
Upon learning of Rice’s actions, H. R. McMaster dispatched his close aide Derek Harvey to Capitol Hill to brief Chairman Nunes.
  “Unmasking” is the process of identifying individuals whose communications were caught in the dragnet of intelligence gathering. While conducting investigations into terrorism and other related crimes, intelligence analysts incidentally capture conversations about parties not subject to the search warrant. The identities of individuals who are not under investigation are kept confidential, for legal and moral reasons.”


REMINDER: Trey Gowdy had this very recent exchange with FBI Director James Comey during a Congressional hearing:

GOWDY: Would National Security Adviser Susan Rice have access to an unmasked U.S. citizen’s name?

COMEY: I think any — yes, in general, and any other national security adviser would, I think, as a matter of their ordinary course of their business.


Monday is likely going to very interesting.


New D.C. Power Team: President Donald Trump & Senator Rand Paul

Both men are political outsiders. Both are known for being fiercely independent and frustrating members of their party. And both are now emerging from the rubble that is the failed Paul Ryan healthcare debacle more willing to work together to help set right what both agree is so wrong in Washington D.C.

Rand Paul had warned the president the Ryan healthcare reform bill was a weak effort likely to divide conservatives against moderates within the Republican Party. Trump was grateful for the warning, but is said to have ultimately took the advice of White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus to get behind the Ryan effort. Priebus and Ryan are longtime political allies. Trump, wanting to prove himself capable of being a team player, more than lived up to his promise to work with the Republican leadership. He spent hours meeting personally with lawmakers, made dozens of phone calls, and had staff running up and down the halls of Congress attending meetings.

In the end, Senator Paul’s warning proved correct. The Ryan healthcare bill failed to make it to a vote. The Speaker fell some twenty votes short of passage. Priebus was quick to blame the conservative Freedom Caucus, a group of Republicans who demand smaller government. They saw the Ryan bill as simply a different version of the same failed Obamacare legislation. Both sides reached an impasse and negotiations stalled.

President Trump was said to be upset at how unwilling to negotiate both  sides appeared to be. He never called out anyone by name, though it is well known his already tepid feelings toward Ryan are now even more so. The President, while admiring Freedom Caucus principles, feels the group must be more willing to work out a deal to ensure things get done for the American people.

Within that gap has emerged Senator Ryan who just today indicated a new Obamacare repeal and replacement deal was “close.”

Paul’s emergence as a political ally to Trump is no doubt causing heartburn among some of his longtime Senate colleagues such as consistent anti-Trump Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain. (McCain is now in his 30th year in the Senate.) Senator Paul’s opposition to America’s habit of globalist endeavors and military intervention is in stark contrast to figures like McCain and Graham, who have proven time and time again their desire to commit U.S. troops overseas regardless the cost of lives and dollars.

If Rand Paul is successful in helping to negotiate a viable alternative to the disastrous Obamacare law, it will signal a dramatic shift in the D.C. Republican power structure – which of course means Mr. Paul will likely face opposition from his own party to see that effort fail.  It has been some time since the Republican leadership has actually cared about getting things done for the American people. They only appear concerned about holding onto power and then doing nothing with it.

Senator Paul and President Trump are poised to change the mode of operation.

They deserve our support in helping them succeed.


D.C. At War With Itself Over Illegal Surveillance Bombshell Investigation (VIDEO)

Private citizens had their identities illegally “unmasked” by Obama-era operatives in order to engage in political warfare against the opposition. This opposition included Donald Trump and apparently many others. Those participating in this highly illegal activity are said to be “very well known” and “very high up” within the Intelligence community – and NOT FBI. 

Civil rights were trampled upon for attempted political gain – the epitome of governmental abuse of power conducted during the Obama administration and allegedly with the full knowledge and blessing of Barack Obama himself. 


How Are You Enjoying That $15 Minimum Wage? (MUST SEE PIC)

Two of the most damaging aspects of the American Left’s War On The Poor, (Yes, they really are attacking poor Americans on a daily basis) is to push for a mandatory minimum wage increase, as well as demanding we import MORE illegal immigrants to compete for jobs. The end result? Fewer real jobs, more poverty, and more debilitating dependence on government handouts to survive.

It’s the liberal plantation, and Democrats love cracking the slavemaster’s whip against your back…

$15 an hour without a job means ZERO. See how that works?

Wake up America. Get the government OUT of your pocket, out of your bedroom, out of your life.


EU Globalist Leader Threatens To Break Up America (VIDEO)

A clearly agitated European Union boss Jean-Claude Juncker lashed out at the Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s support of that historic event that saw Great Britain withdraw itself from the European Union. Mr. Juncker went so far as to threaten to support the break up of the United States.

These globalists are none too happy to see Americans placing American interests and values first. (And Brits doing the same.) Make no mistake, this might yet be more than a merely proverbial shot across the bow of the United States.