Award-Winning Veteran Female Reporter Continues To Warn Americans Of Deep State Threat

Sharyl Attkisson was a prize-winning journalist with years of highly credible news reporting who decided to look into a multitude of Obama administration scandals like the illegal Fast and Furious gunrunning operation and the equally illegal weaponization of the IRS to attack political opposition to then-President Obama. 

That’s when her world was turned upside down as she later discovered she too was a victim of the very same kind of Deep State intimidation and illegal surveillance that would later take place against Donald Trump, the Trump campaign, and the Trump administration. These type of nefarious programs have been around for decades but were significantly ramped up during the Obama years as the message went out that if you blindly supported the Obama White House you would be rewarded, but if you instead chose to do any kind of real investigative journalism against the Obama administration you would be punished.

Please take a moment to watch and listen to this recent update from Ms. Attkisson who makes clear that no modern-era president was ever so dangerous to the concept of a free press and a free society as was Barack Obama:

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