Barack Obama “Ecstatic” Over Emerging Supreme Court Nominee Battle

Nothing sends Barack Obama into a depressive spiral more than does being ignored.

That is why this past week the President’s mood has been greatly improved as the White House, under the guiding hand of Valerie Jarrett, has  quickly drawn battle lines against a non-cooperative Congress over the Supreme Court vacancy created by Justice Antonin Scalia’s sudden death.

Barack Obama finds himself suddenly relevant again – and he’s loving it.

ABOVE: With Justice Scalia’s passing, President Obama feels he’s back in the proverbial driver’s seat and is ecstatic to be there again.


The Republican Leadership appears to have done its part to ensure they react in exactly the way the Obama-Jarrett public relations program intended. By quickly stepping out to declare they wouldn’t entertain a review of Mr. Obama’s nominee, it lent the Republican-controlled Senate the air of non-cooperation and thus escalated the impasse and elevated Barack Obama’s own importance in the process.


A likely far more tactically effective response would have been to shrug off Mr. Obama’s demand to fill the Supreme Court vacancy by indicating a disinterested willingness to review said nominee while reminding the President that American voters made clear in 2014 the direction they wished to see the country move in, namely away from the far left policies of the Obama administration. So while Barack Obama is free to nominate someone to the Supreme Court, the Senate is just as free to then ignore that choice should it not adequately reflect the current mood of the American people.

That tone would have forced the President on defense and remind him of his own Lame Duck status, a condition that is said to already infuriate him. Where Barack Obama is throwing punches, Republicans like Mitch McConnell are covering up, complaining he’s hitting too hard, and declaring he doesn’t want to fight anymore.

These current Republican leaders just don’t appear to have the spine nor the intellect for true political gamesmanship.

Let Barack Obama spend time choosing a nominee, then point out to the country just how radical that nominee is and simply ignore it, and thus, ignore Barack Obama – the very thing Mr. Obama fears most.



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