Bernie Sanders Unleashes 2020 Campaign Platform – Give Me MORAHHH MONAHHH!

In all of his nearly 80 years on this earth, Bernie Sanders has never held a real job. He complains loudly and often about how corrupt American institutions are, how they hurt the little people, and that the answer is to demand MORE corrupt American institutions so long as they are ones he approves of. (Which, by the way, is always the true socialist mindset.) #1 on that approval list is MORE government to tell people what to say, what to think, how to live, where to live, and how and where to die. Meanwhile, Mr. Sanders is really hoping his 2020 run will be as financially successful for him as 2016 was when he went from a barely known Senate leech to a man who now enjoys a multi-residence lifestyle that has made him a millionaire many times over. 

Bernie 2020 – you feeling the burn yet?

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