Bizarre: Hillary Clinton To Disappear for 20 Days Just Prior To November Election

Perhaps Team Clinton is so confident they have derailed the Trump campaign with the release of the Trump “naughty word” scandal, that Mrs. Clinton does not need to bother with actual campaigning for people’s votes? Or, it could be the risk of something happening akin to her physical collapse last month at a 9-11 memorial event so close to Election Day that has them literally hiding Hillary Clinton away from the public.

Whatever the motivations are, that’s exactly what Team Clinton is doing, and it is unprecedented in the history of American politics:


Via American Thinker:

“Her campaign schedule runs through the 23rd, and she has no further events planned.  This means that apart from the two events this Monday and the 90-minute debates on the 9th and 19th, Hillary will not show her face for twenty days.

No chance for the cameras to catch her chronic cough, her exotropia (failure of her eyes to converge when looking outward), her dyskinesia (involuntary head movements in response to lights and noise), her tremors, her freezes, her falls.  And she’ll have plenty of time to take drug holidays – structured treatment interruptions – to increase the effectiveness of her medications when she resumes treatment just before a debate.

The failure to campaign in October is without precedent in any American presidential election in living memory.  Even in 1944, FDR, in failing health and confined to his wheelchair, campaigned vigorously in October.

The media, of course, is studiously ignoring Hillary’s hibernation.  Donald Trump shouldn’t.”

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