Democrats Breaking Laws To Try And Score Political Points During SCOTUS Hearing (VIDEO)

Senator Cory Booker is as swampy as the D.C. swamp gets. No more recent example of that is Mr. Booker’s willful violation of Senate rules and Executive Branch authority during Judge Brett Kavanaugh‘s SCOTUS hearing. Mr. Booker announced (repeatedly) that he was going to release confidential documents to the public and went on to paint that illegal act as something noble during a multi-minute tirade that even had some of his Democrat counterparts rolling their eyes.

Oh, and note too how a U.S. Senator calls the Supreme Court the “highest office of the land.” That is incorrect of course. The position of president is the highest office in the land.

Pathetic, low intelligence, moronic Senate scab, Cory Booker:


Watch Judge Kavanaugh Eviscerate A Nearly Inchoherent Senator Patrick Leahy During SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing

Yet another aging Democrat put on a nationally-televised demonstration of the need for Congressional term limits. Watch as 78-year-old Patrick Leahy makes reference to an email that doesn’t actually exist. Senator Leahy attempts to insinuate the email in question was stolen from him SIXTEEN YEARS AGO as nearly everyone in the hearing room, including Leahy’s own staff, look on increasingly confused as to what the senator is talking about. For his part, Judge Kavanaugh shows a remarkable degree of patience while also managing to entrap the senator in his own confused lie. From there a badly beaten Leahy makes a hasty retreat and changes the subject.


Media & McCain in 2008 vs Media & McCain in 2018

Branco is once again on point. It was just ten years ago that the Establishment Media lambasted then-presidential candidate John McCain as an out-of-touch, possibly unhinged, (thus dangerous) angry old white and warmongering, old man. Mr. McCain, who always yearned for media approval, then began to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of the media by attacking Donald Trump and after a couple years of doing so, the very same media that loathed him transformed the Arizona senator into a ‘national treasure’ and political saint. 

It is media hypocrisy at its most glaring and once again proves how the Establishment Media is nothing more than globalist propaganda that seeks to further divide and weaken the United States.



General John Kelly Rips Upcoming Anti-Trump Bob Woodward Book: “Total BS”

General John Kelly is not taking kindly to another dubiously sourced anti-Trump book. Watergate-era dinosaur Bob Woodward and his publisher are pushing an all-out media blitz to jumpstart pre-order sales of FEAR and part of the publicity campaign is to share segments that have Kelly calling President Trump an ‘idiot’ to other White House staffers. What Woodward has done is simply regurgitate old rumors and repackage them in his latest book. It’s a sad example of one cashing in on easy anti-Trump dollars at the expense of a once-valued reputation.

As for General Kelly? He’s calling bullsh*t:


BREAKING: Never-Trump Senator John McCain Replaced By Pro-Trump Jon Kyl

John McCain detested Donald Trump so much so that he willfully participated in assisting the Hillary Clinton campaign with what became the Trump/Russia collusion hoax. The longtime Arizona senator was said to be increasingly bitter over the likelihood he would not live to see the destruction of the Trump presidency. That bitterness would likely be worsened if McCain knew his replacement was former longtime Arizona senator, Jon Kyl—a man now firmly on the side of President Trump.

Kyl was not an immediate passenger on the 2016 Trump Train but his criticisms of the then-insurgent Trump campaign were muted and based primarily on Trump’s bellicose campaigning style. As Trump’s presidential successes grew so too did Mr. Kyl’s respect for the job the president was doing despite significant political and media-driven opposition. (He once admonished the anti-Trump media and told them to cut Trump some slack.) This respect recently culminated in Kyl’s willingness to assist in the now-ongoing (and critically important) Supreme Court appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Where John McCain’s ego and sense of self-importance and entitlement were so often front and center, Kyl’s leadership is both more subdued, stronger, and ultimately more successful than McCain’s long but dubious record of actual legislative achievement.

Make no mistake, replacing McCain with Kyl in the U.S. Senate is a big win for the Trump White House.


WEIRD: Former Obama CIA Director John Brennan Praises Washed Up Athlete Who Called Police Officers Pigs…

It’s well established John Brennan is a weird one. How a man who once voted for a communist to be President of the United States became head of the CIA is a story unto itself (See: China) but just as confounding is how Mr. Brennan has conducted himself since riding into the proverbial has-been sunset. The most recent example is his effusive praise of washed-up former NFL quarterback turned racist division-maker, Colin Kaepernick. Mr. Kaepernick lost his starting position due to lackluster play and soon after he declared himself an anti-white and anti-police advocate who was then warmly embraced by the radical Black Lives Matter crowd. Nike threw Kaepernick some “good boy” bucks for which Brennan is now glorifying as the Second Coming.

Perhaps both men share common communist ground and a love of self-promotion?


Former CIA director John Brennan, now an MSNBC commentator and frequent critic of President Donald Trump, praised former quarterback Colin Kaepernick for his new Nike campaign.
“Well done, Colin, well done,” he wrote approvingly on Twitter Monday evening to the athlete who once wore socks to football practice that portrayed police officers as pigs.

Kaepernick launched his new Nike campaign on Labor Day, asserting that he sacrificed his football career for his right to kneel during the national anthem

Sacrifice? Mr. Kaepernick sacrificed nothing. His contract was not renewed because of a lack of talent. In fact, he was still paid millions in the final year of a guaranteed contract even though he wasn’t playing. In a seeming (and desperate) attempt to remain relevant, Kaepernick (who is of mixed race and was raised by an upper-class white family in Wisconsin and California) grew an oversized afro, donned a dashiki, and started to openly declare police officers to be pigs.

This, coming from a man who made insane amounts of money throwing a pigskin…

Mr. Kaepernick has done nothing substantive to lessen the rampant inner-city violence (perhaps because he’s never lived in such environments) while he continues to preach divisiveness and anti-Americanism at every turn via private flights, high-rise cocktail parties, and Nike sponsorships.

Kaepernick has inserted increasingly volatile racialism into the NFL and in doing so, helped to spread that corrosive division across America ultimately making the country weaker.

Anyone paying attention knows THAT is what John Brennan is actually praising Kaepernick for.


Intelligence Officials Refuse To Do Damage Assessment Of Clinton Email Hacks Even After U.S. Agents Captured & Terminated

FACT: During Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State a dramatic spike in U.S. agent captures/deaths took place in China.

FACT: To date, U.S. intelligence agencies have refused to do a damage assessment of Hillary Clinton’s hacked email server – hacks which many are convinced were carried out by the same Chinese government that then used that information to identify and eliminate deeply embedded U.S. agents in China.

FACT: The above scenario appears to confirm that Mrs. Clinton, the Obama White House, and the Obama-era Deep State, have a lot of blood on their hands.

Via Fox News Insider:

Fitton: ‘Deep State’ Doesn’t Want to Conduct Damage Assessment of Hillary’s Private Server

Following a bombshell report that a Chinese state-owned company hacked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said the “deep state” is unwilling to conduct a full damage assessment on how and whether Clinton’s mishandling of classified information damaged national security.

The Daily Caller first reported that the FBI was notified of the purported hack in 2015, when the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) warned the Bureau of the intrusion.

He noted that The Daily Caller reported that officials with the ICIG met repeatedly with FBI officials to warn them of the Chinese intrusion. Among those FBI officials was Peter Strzok, who was then the bureau’s top counterintelligence official.

“Did this meeting take place as alleged?” Fitton said. “Was there a discussion about [Clinton’s server being compromised] by a Chinese front company? Did it happen? Did they look into it? Did they follow up on it?”

He said the FBI is not forthcoming with answers to those questions, and he believes it’s because the answers would be embarrassing for the bureau.


Another MAGA Trump Photo Goes Viral…

It captures the moment when the American voter chose someone, and something, very different than the D.C. status quo. It is also a moment when a man did not need the presidency to make him, but rather the presidency needed this particular man to help Make America Great Again. Donald Trump has been enemy #1 of the Deep State since taking the oath of office. This photo represents his stepping away from a remarkable life of self-made success into a war zone that has pitted him against all enemies of the United States both foreign and domestic. 

President Trump:


President Trump Keeps Winning – Everything Else Is Just Noise…

Two funerals received national attention this week: Aretha Franklin’s and John McCain’s. President Trump did not attend either one yet was clearly inside the heads of those who did. Liberals and globalists infested both occasions and would spit out the occasional anti-Trump remark of which the Establishment Media would then replay in a loop for the next three hours. Meanwhile, as these political and entertainment elites continue to appear jaded, spiteful, and increasingly tone-deaf, Donald Trump continues to rack up one impressive policy victory after another as America flourishes in this Age of Trump. 

Via Newt Gingrich:

In the middle of the liberal media’s desperate efforts to convince us that President Trump is in trouble, there are an amazing number of victories that suggest he is winning. In fact, there are indications that he is winning a lot.

Let’s start with Tuesday’s primaries. In Florida, a fine, well-entrenched state Agriculture Commissioner and former U.S. Rep. Adam Putnam decisively lost the Republican gubernatorial primary to Rep. Ron DeSantis. The big boost for DeSantis came from President Trump’s endorsement and a Trump robocall to Florida Republicans.

The contest for governor of our third-most populous state shaped up even better for Republicans as a hard-left Bernie Sanders-backed progressive – Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum – won the Democratic primary with 34 percent of the vote. The contrast between a pro-Trump DeSantis and Gillum will probably keep Florida in Republican hands in November.

Florida gave President Trump and Republicans a second boost as GOP Gov. Rick Scott won an important primary victory for a U.S. Senate seat. Scott has proven in his two campaigns for governor that he is an aggressive, effective campaigner. It is very likely the blue wave in Florida will disappear with the DeSantis and Scott victories.

It is clear that the president’s judicial and economic victories build his prestige, and that prestige is giving him the muscle to reshape the Republican Party.

In Arizona, President Trump won another primary victory when Martha McSally, a congresswoman and Air Force veteran (in fact, the first American woman to fly a fighter jet in combat) won the Republican U.S. Senate nomination.

President Trump praised McSally earlier this month at the signing ceremony for the National Defense Authorization Act. What looked at one time to be a close contest became a blowout, as McSally won 52 percent of the vote in a three-way race and was 24 points ahead of her closest competitor. Republican chances of keeping the Arizona seat are dramatically better with McSally as the nominee.

Beyond the primaries, President Trump has been winning amazing victories in nominating – and with the leadership of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., getting the Senate to confirm – federal judges. Where Hillary Clinton would have nominated radical judges, President Trump has been consistently nominating constitutional conservatives to the courts. This will have a profound impact on America’s future.

So far, President Trump and McConnell have confirmed 60 federal judges – this includes Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, 33 district court judges, and 26 court of appeals judges.

Additionally, President Trump has nominated more than 80 other judges across the federal system (including Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh). McConnell has been doggedly working to get these nominees confirmed, and I suspect he will drive them through the Senate before the end of the year.

So on judges, President Trump is winning an amazing victory for conservatism. No wonder the left is in a frenzy.

Finally, the breakthrough in trade negotiations with Mexico is, to use one of President Trump’s favorite words, huge.

Most of the so-called experts had said the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) couldn’t be renegotiated. They insisted President Trump had offended Mexicans so much with his harsh language that the Mexican government wouldn’t come to the table. They asserted building the border wall would alienate the Mexican leaders. They were just plain wrong.

President Trump’s progress on NAFTA sends five big signals:

Making good on a big, disruptive pledge that set his 2016 campaign apart from every other candidate, the president kept his word and is forcing a difficult negotiation toward success.
President Trump proved, once again, that tough language and tough negotiating can actually lead to breakthroughs. Unlike most politicians, Trump is willing to endure heat to achieve success.
As a result of his seriousness on trade, other countries are now approaching President Trump about trade negotiations (note German Chancellor Merkel’s call this week for trade talks).
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried to be clever when he ambushed and attempted to embarrass President Trump during a press conference at the G-7 Summit in Canada. Trudeau is now discovering that Trump has a good memory. Canada now has virtually no leverage in trying to play catch-up with the U.S.-Mexico negotiations.
The Trump administration’s continued attention to economic matters – despite the liberal media’s daily efforts to get him and his team off-balance through dishonest reporting and smear stories – is paying off. The average American sees the economy getting better and better. And the average American increasingly thinks the success is due to President Trump.
It is clear that the president’s judicial and economic victories build his prestige, and that prestige is giving him the muscle to reshape the Republican Party.

It is an amazing story. No one in the liberal mainstream media apparently understands, but historians will look back on this period in amazement.

They will clearly see a political-cultural battle between an aggressive, effective, successful president and a disoriented, defeated and demoralized news media.

Clearly, President Trump is winning.


Trump Is Rocking The Midterms Like No President Before Him…

The phrase ‘force of nature’ really doesn’t do Donald Trump justice. The president clearly doesn’t trust the Republican Party to handle the epic challenge being brought against Mr. Trump’s ‘America First’ platform on its own so has taken to barnstorming the country in an effort to energize the tens of millions of Trump supporters out there and get them to the polls come the Midterm elections in November. The response among voters has been astonishing as crowds very rarely seen during an off-year election cycle have become the norm for Mr. Trump. As the Establishment Media continues to push a ‘blue wave’ narrative meant to push Republicans from power in Congress, is Donald Trump once again preparing to prove them wrong? 

Thousands upon thousands of patriotic Americans are filling arenas across the country in support of the Trump presidency.


Ooof. Hollywood Deletes American Flag From Moon Landing.

Hollywood continues to openly erase history and shrug as they do so. This deletion activity links modern Hollywood to the dubious traditions of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and every totalitarian authority like them who knew that to control the future one must first move to rewrite history in their own image. The soon-to-be-released ‘First Man’, a film on the life and remarkable achievements of Neil Armstrong, (starring a Canadian and directed by a Frenchman) chose to omit the planting of the American flag when it recreated the moon landing. The reason? Apparently the filmmakers wanted it to reflect an achievement for ‘humanity’ and not just the United States. 

A recent international film festival audience is said to have been ‘thrilled’ by the omission. 

What a surprise.

What’s next Hollywood? Liam Neeson playing Martin Luther King Jr.? 


More GREAT News That The Media Ignores: Household Incomes Are Now At All Time Highs

The turnaround for the economy under the leadership of President Trump has been nothing short of remarkable and yet you’d never know it if all you followed was the anti-Trump Fake News media. So once again that means it is up to all of you to read and share the truth.


Household Income Jumps To All-Time Highs Under Trump — Why Isn’t This Big News?

Median household income is up more than 4%, the economy is growing fast, optimism is at decades long highs. Not that you’d know it, since the press is too busy trying to drive President Trump from office.

Inflation-adjusted median household incomes in July hit $62,450 according to the latest release from Sentier Research. That’s the highest level since Sentier started tracking this more than 18 years ago. And if you combine Sentier’s numbers with annual Census data, median household income is at all-time highs.

More interesting is the fact that median household income has shot up more than 4% in the 19 months since Trump took office. It had been flat over the previous year and a half. Over the course of President Obama’s entire eight years in office, median household income climbed a mere 0.3%, Sentier data show.

Overall economic growth is accelerating as well, after years of Obama-induced stagnation. On Wednesday, the Commerce Department boosted its estimate of Second Quarter growth to 4.2%. That means average growth for first half of the year was above 3%. And if it continues strong in the third quarter — as appears to be the case — chances are we will see growth for the entire year at or above 3%. That would be the first time since 2005.

This, too, is a sharp turnaround that just happens to coincide with the Trump presidency. In Obama’s last year in office, GDP growth was an anemic 1.6%. The growth rate dropped in each of the last two quarters of that year. And economists were everywhere telling the public that 2% was the best we could do.

Whatever one’s view of Trump, this is undeniably good news. After years of “unexpectedly” underperforming growth, the economy is giving every indication that it is returning to its vigorous norm.

But instead of heralding this news, the mainstream press either ignores, downplays or tries to explain it away. As we noted in this space recently, The New York Times and others keep trying to claim that the current boom was simply the continuation of growth set in motion during the Obama years.

There’s a simple reason for this. The press is singularly fixated on bringing down Trump at all costs. Since good economic news will help Trump, it must be overlooked.


Pentagon Whistleblower On Fake Trump/Russia Investigation: “It Was All A Set Up”

It should be the story of the century if the Establishment Media wasn’t in the same pockets as those who perpetrated the hoax/crime in the first place. A select few within the federal government’s Deep State apparatus intended to overthrow the 2016 Election. All the evidence to date points to that now undeniable fact. 

Please read on…

Via PJ Media:

Suspended Pentagon Whistleblower Says FBI’s Russia Probe Was ‘All a Set-Up’

…In the fall of 2016, Adam Lovinger, a former senior official of the Defense Department’s Office of Net Assessment (ONA), stumbled upon evidence that the deep state wanted buried — documents exposing Halper’s role in the frame-up job. He voiced his concerns about what he had found and paid dearly for it.

Lovinger, a DoD analyst turned whistleblower, had his security clearance suspended on May 1, 2017, after he raised concerns about the roughly $1 million in tax-payer funded money Halper had received to write Defense Department foreign policy reports.

“It was a topic of conversation within the office,” Lovinger’s attorney, Sean M. Bigley, told the Washington Times earlier this month. “What is Halper doing, and why is he being paid astronomically more than others similarly situated?”

According to Bigley, Lovinger was suspended shortly after he began asking questions about the suspicious DoD contracts with Halper, as well as a close friend of Chelsea Clinton and others. He was then relegated to a make-work desk job until April 3, 2018, when he was indefinitely suspended from duty and pay.

Lovinger, a husband and father of three, was the primary breadwinner of his family, according to Carter.

“When Mr. Lovinger raised concerns about DoD’s misuse of Stefan Halper in 2016, he did so without any political designs or knowledge of Mr. Halper’s spying activities,” Bigley told “Instead, Mr. Lovinger simply did what all Americans should expect of our civil servants: he reported violations of law and a gross waste of public funds to his superiors.”

Bigley told Carter that they had expected some degree of retaliation for the whistleblowing, but were taken aback by the “ferocity” of it.

…“Mr. Lovinger unwittingly shined a spotlight on the FBI’s secret weapon – Stefan Halper – and threatened to expose the truth about the Trump-Russia collusion narrative being plotted: that it was all a set-up,” Bigley said.


Watch CNN Guest Destroy CNN Host Over Network’s Obsessive Anti-Trump Reporting

John Sununu is a former New Hampshire governor and longtime D.C. insider who has seen it all and he was in no mood to play along with CNN’s ongoing anti-Trump obsession, especially when that obsession attempted to turn a segment meant to reflect on the passing of John McCain into yet another anti-Trump diatribe.

Watch as Sununu eviscerates the CNN host’s go negative slant against President Trump. It’s truly something to behold. 


Did The New York Times Out Hillary Clinton As The Source Of The CIA-China Spy Massacre?

18 to 20 covert operatives were discovered/imprisoned/murdered by China’s government in the short span of 2010 to 2012. The U.S. security breach that allowed that to happen remains ‘unknown’ according to Establishment Media coverage. 

Or is it? Hillary Clinton was Barack Obama’s Secretary of State from 2009-2013 and during that time she conducted nearly all of her official/top secret business via the use of a private, non-government secured server. Smack dab in the middle of those years is when China was able to take out up to 20 deeply embedded and critically important CIA operatives. Coincidence? 


MUST WATCH VIDEO: South African Thanks POTUS Trump For Speaking The Truth Regarding Horrific Violence In South Africa Today

What has been going on in South Africa is horrifying. Mayhem and murder have become the norm as the South African government openly condones the mistreatment of certain segments of its population. People are being attacked, raped, murdered, and run off their own land while the world media says nothing.

A historically troubled nation has become even more so. Please watch and share. It is up to all of you to get the word out regarding what is happening in South Africa today.


Today’s Must-See Cartoon: POTUS Trump’s “Checkmate” Negotiations With Mexico

Ben Garrison nails the reality of what President Trump has accomplished regarding a truly America-first trade deal with Mexico. Mr. Trump approached those negotiations with a critical and unwavering truth – they need us more than we need them. It is an outlook his presidential predecessor never chose to negotiate from which in the end cost U.S. workers dearly.

Trade through Strength. 

That is the Trump way. 


Trump Now Takes On Canada’s Trudeau In Another ‘America First’ Trade Deal

With the Mexican government publicly gushing gratitude for President Trump’s negotiating savvy following a remarkably successful and important conclusion to trade negotiations between the United States and Mexico Mr. Trump now sets his sights on doing the same with Canada. It will be an interesting showdown between the alpha Donald Trump and the preening beta Justin Trudeau. One man built a real estate empire. The other was a drama teacher. 

Earlier this summer PM Trudeau attempted to corral President Trump into signing off on a G7 deal.

Trump was having none of it.


A bit of public back and forth between the two leaders has followed but with the clear economic advantage favoring the United States. Trudeau has become something of a joke among Canadian voters over his propensity to grovel for approval which has resulted in some rather disastrous public relations examples.

And now the whispers in and around D.C. suggest a growing number among Canada’s political and economic elite are bypassing Trudeau altogether and seeking out a new trade deal with the United States before President Trump’s ongoing tariffs against Canadian imports further harms an already increasingly precarious Canadian economy. In short, Donald Trump is negotiating from a position of considerable strength as he further inserts his administration’s ‘America First’ agenda.

Then, with agreements between Mexico, Canada, and in part the European Union, already hammered out, Trump will again turn his full attention to China and North Korea. The Chinese economy is faltering, partly due to the weight of Mr. Trump’s trade battle with the communist regime. The U.S. economy, by comparison, is thriving due primarily to the pro-growth policies of the Trump White House. More and more are suggesting China will for the first time in decades be willing to negotiate an open and honest trade deal with the United States. Should that happen, the U.S. stock market boom will be one for the ages.

This President Trump is truly something special.

“Killing is easy. It’s the forgetting that’s hard.”

The year is 1923 and Prohibition is the law of the land.
Levi Bowman and his four sons struggle to survive and thrive in the remote woods and mountains outpost of Sultan, Washington. It is a time and place governed by the gun and the fist where family comes first, rules are meant to be broken, and enemies put down.

E-book version: HERE
Paperback version: HERE

“Lots of action, mystery, crackling dialogue, and a touch of romance while also having plenty to say about the importance of family, living by a code, and defending what’s yours.” -MobelyReviews


A Must-See Graphic Proves How The Establishment Media Have Always Been Wrong About POTUS Trump

It is not that these people are complete morons but rather that they are deeply entrenched in the habit of coloring everything they report on with increasing doses of political bias and as such get so many things wrong so often. In 2016 these same media “experts” were warning of a horrific market collapse should Donald Trump become president.


When it comes to President Trump question anything the Establishment Media has to say.


The Amazing Mr. Trump Goes To Washington – And Kicks ASS

“A negotiating maestro on a global scale.” 

So goes the praise for President Trump after his administration concluded a remarkably successful round of trade negotiations with Mexico. This is but one of many such deals the Trump White House has forged and there appears to be no sign of slowing down as Mr. Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda continues to rumble its way through ongoing political and media opposition. 

Via Fox News:

Trump says he’s ‘terminating’ NAFTA, announces new trade agreement with Mexico

President Trump on Monday said he plans to terminate the existing North American Free Trade Agreement, as he announced a new tentative agreement between the United States and Mexico that he described as “one of the largest trade deals ever made.”

“I’ll be terminating the existing deal and going into this deal,” the president said in the Oval Office, calling it a “big day for trade.”

But the president said Monday “we’ll see” if Canada can still be part of the trade pact, leaving open the possibility of separate agreements.

“We are starting negotiations with Canada pretty much immediately,” Trump said.

…“They used to call it NAFTA, we are going to call it the United States-Mexico Trade Agreement, and we will get rid of the name NAFTA,” Trump said. “It has a bad connotation because the United States was hurt very badly by NAFTA.”

Trump on Monday called it “one of the largest trade deals ever made.” The U.S. and Mexico have been working to resolve key differences on issues ranging from automobiles to energy.


Donald Trump is working harder than any president has in the modern era to put the needs of the American people first and not the special interests that infest the corridors of power in Washington D.C. For this, Mr. Trump remains enemy #1 of the anti-American globalist regimes (paid largely by Chinese powers) that include such media entities as CNN, The New York Times, and much of Hollywood. Unemployment is down, job creation is up, and fantastic new trade deals are on the way – very big wins for all Americans.

Which means that those who oppose President Trump also oppose a stronger and more unified United States.

“Killing is easy. It’s the forgetting that’s hard.”

The year is 1923 and Prohibition is the law of the land.
Levi Bowman and his four sons struggle to survive and thrive in the remote woods and mountains outpost of Sultan, Washington. It is a time and place governed by the gun and the fist where family comes first, rules are meant to be broken, and enemies put down.

E-book version: HERE
Paperback version: HERE

“Lots of action, mystery, crackling dialogue, and a touch of romance while also having plenty to say about the importance of family, living by a code, and defending what’s yours.” -MobelyReviews