Watch University Students Condemn Trump SCOTUS Pick BEFORE The Pick Has Even Been Announced!

America’s universities were once the envy of the world. Today they are little more than breeding grounds for the kind of dangerous group-think that novels like Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 warned us about. Watch as college students speak out against a Trump SCOTUS nominee that hasn’t actually been announced yet. They call this nominee “racist” and “extreme” showing how the mush between their ears is so easily formed by the hands of the globalist collective. Barack Obama recently said he was working toward platforms that would “train” the coming generations. This is exactly what he meant. Check it out:


REPORT: Former Wrestlers & Coaches Come To Jim Jordan’s Defense Following Republican Establishment Smear Campaign

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan is being punished for two things. The first is his continued strong support of President Donald Trump. The second is the support of other new members of Congress who would like to see him be the next Speaker of the House. Establishment Republicans like outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan and others are said to be pushing back against Jordan and might very well be behind the sudden media-driven allegations that Jim Jordan ignored allegations of sexual abuse by a college athletic physician during Jordan’s time as an Ohio State University assistant wrestling coach. Former wrestlers and coaches are now coming forward to call bullsh*t on the unverified claims – but so far the media is largely ignoring them.

Via The Washington Examiner:

Former coaches, wrestlers, and colleagues rush to defend Rep. Jim Jordan

“…Pardos insisted Jordan was incapable of ignoring abuse. If the assistant coach knew Strauss was abusing students, Pardos tells me, “knowing Jimmy I think he would’ve ripped of his arm and beat him with it.”

…Skove, who wrestled and trained with Jordan at the East-West tournament when the congressman was a student at the University of Wisconsin, couldn’t imagine Jordan ignoring abuse. “He definitely would’ve represented the wrestlers. From what I know of Jim and his personality, he’s not a flower. He isn’t going to wilt if something’s going on.”

Some like Lee Kemp, a gold-medal Olympian and national champion, argue that accusations are part of a campaign to discredit Jordan now that the Ohio Republican is considering a bid for House Speaker. “This doctor worked with other sports teams too,” Kemp told me by phone. “Why pick out Jim? Clearly, this is an attempt to smear him.”

A longtime congressional staffer put it this way:

“Jim Jordan is a hardnosed guy. He doesn’t back down. He doesn’t back off. That’s ruffled some feathers in D.C. The Republican Leadership thinks he’s a loose cannon, not a team player. Congressman Jordan has been very vocal in his opposition of the Mueller investigation. He’s called out the Deep State. He has friends in the Freedom Caucus, he’s popular among his Ohio constituents, and lately, his name has been put out there as a possibility to be the next Speaker. That makes him very dangerous to the status-quo. People like Paul Ryan would never sit back and allow Jordan to become Speaker. The rumors out there right now that Ryan and others are the ones behind the media attacks on Jim Jordan are not only possible but probable. These are nasty-nasty people. They’ll push the story, put a cloud of uncertainty over the congressman’s head, and then the story will go away once they have their pick to succeed Ryan safely in place.

“As it is right now, they want us to believe a little old doctor abused some wrestlers who could have torn that doctor in half? Really? This doctor served other athletic programs as well yet there are no allegations from other players from other sports. No complaints from coaches. Just a few former wrestlers saying the doctor made them uncomfortable and Jim Jordan, as one of the assistant coaches, didn’t do anything about it. Really? About what? The story has so many holes in it anyone with half a brain can smell the bullsh*t a mile away. If anything, the media should be asking questions of the head coach at the time, not Jim Jordan. They’re not, though, are they? That’s because Congressman Jordan was the target – not the truth. Paul Ryan is a snake. He’s done more to harm the Republican Party and America than any Democrat in the last ten years with the possible exception of Barack Obama. That’s my opinion. It’s also the truth.”


British Media Calls For Ban On Classic Comedy: “Monty Python Too White For Today’s BBC”

The world continues its fall into the abyss as classic comedy is being judged as unworthy due to the color of its skin. 

Had enough yet? Then you better start pushing back HARD against this kind of nonsense.

John Cleese knows what time it is. “If people cannot control their own emotions then they have to start trying to control other people’s behavior.”

The far left in America and the world is dominated by people who cannot control themselves and so they attempt to control everyone else and THAT is the primary building block of fascism/totalitarianism/socialism/communism/globalism/etc. that would have the insane running the asylum.  See: Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Mugabe, Sung, Hussein, Pol Pot, Tojo…


What Next? Is Robert Mueller Going To Start Waterboarding Paul Manafort?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has gone full-on Gulag in his attempt to get Paul Manafort to give him something, anything, that might damage President Trump – allegedly even if that something is a fabrication. What is happening to Manafort is an abomination but sadly, yet another example of the “destroy all those who supported Trump” Deep State operation that is now underway.


Red Hen Owner Attempts To Win “Most Hypocritical” Prize With This New Sign:

The owner of the Red Hen had customers removed (in part) because those customers supported President Trump’s immigration policies. This owner is an open borders advocate who thinks people should rarely (if ever) be refused entry into the United States.

And then that same owner put this sign up in the window of her restaurant:

The liberal mind is a truly frightening thing to behold.


Media Ignores Trump Is WINNING On Trade As Trade Deficit Falls To Nearly Two-Year Low

The shrill cries of “Trade War” grow louder of late even as actual statistics show President Trump is doing exactly what he promised and winning BIG TIME on trade which means more jobs for Americans and fewer jobs being shipped overseas. 

Via Breitbart:

U.S. Trade Deficit Hits 19-Month Low Due to Record-High Exports

The United States trade deficit dropped in May to the lowest level in 19 months as exports rose to a record level.
The Department of Commerce announced the May trade deficit — the difference between what America sells and what it buys in foreign markets — decreased 6.6 percent to $43.1 billion — the smallest imbalance since October 2016.

Exports climbed 1.9 percent to a record $215.3 billion. Imports were up a smaller 0.4 percent to $258.4 billion.

American employers kept up a strong hiring pace in June by adding 213,000 jobs in a sign of confidence of President Donald Trump’s economic policies.


Mueller Expands Probe Even Further To Punish “As Many Trump Family, Friends, And Supporters As Possible.”

It is an investigation gone off the rails some time ago yet steaming ahead with the full support of the Deep State courtesy of embattled DOJ #2 Rod Rosenstein’s sweeping authority he granted to Special Counsel Robert Mueller that allows Mueller to literally investigate anyone and anything he chooses. To date, little has been uncovered. The most notable is a pending trial against former (and short-term) Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort involving financial dealings a decade old – long before anything related to the Trump campaign and the 2016 Election.  

So now? Mueller is expanding the investigation even further in order to punish as many Trump family, friends, and supporters as possible.

Via Bloomberg:

Mueller Taps More Prosecutors to Help With Growing Trump Probe

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is tapping additional Justice Department resources for help with new legal battles as his year-old investigation of Russian interference with the 2016 election continues to expand.

…Investigators in New York; Alexandria, Virginia; Pittsburgh and elsewhere have been tapped to supplement the work of Mueller’s team, the officials said. Mueller has already handed off one major investigation — into Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen — to the Southern District of New York.


Trump Set To Abolish Obama-Era Race-Based College Discrimination Policies

President Trump wants to make the nation’s universities more merit-based and less inherently racist by eliminating Obama-era race-based admissions practices that implied certain races were inherently less intelligent than others. Mr. Trump believes all people, regardless of race, are equally capable of achievement without the need for government interference/control.

It is a stark reversal from the Obama/Democrat position that certain segments of America’s population cannot seemingly survive on their own – a belief that is openly biased against people of color as it relates to academic potential and achievement – what some have long called the “Democrat Plantation.” President Trump seems more determined than ever to break down the plantation barriers erected during Mr. Obama’s eight years. Where Obama believed certain people were incapable of success on their own terms, Trump is now advocating the opposite – that the color of one’s skin, and/or religious affiliation should never define one’s future or lack thereof.

Equal opportunity for all – that is the Trump position.



Report: Barack Obama Threatens To “Do Something” About Trump During DNC Fundraiser

A moment of post-presidential bravado or something more serious/sinister? 

The update from Mr. Lutchman took place on June 30th. Barack Obama did, in fact, headline a DNC fundraiser in Atherton as well as visited a Silicon Valley venture capital firm on the 29th:


242 Years Ago 56 Patriots Risked Everything For Freedom

282 years ago this week 56 brave met to deliberate and in doing so they risked everything. A recent decree from King George declared them traitors. If they did not cease any and all attempts to thwart the authority of British rule they were to be put to death – effective immediately. These men did not cease. Instead, they voted and then signed what was both a Declaration of Independence and a declaration of war against the greatest military power in the world. 

If the rebellion failed they would surely hang.

America was born. 


FACT: Obama Put Nearly 300,000 Children Into Federal Immigration Facilities – And Nobody Gave A Damn

Just a few years ago far more children of illegal immigrants were being placed into the very same federal facilities the Trump administration is using now – and nobody cared. The reason was simple. Keeping those children there temporarily was a requirement to ensure the safety of those kids – many who were dragged across the border to provide cover for human traffickers. In fact, the children were detained longer during the Obama years than they are now. The media knows this. As do the Democrats. They created fake outrage, a fake crisis because they believe enough Americans are ignorant enough to believe it. Sadly, they might be right.


“…So to be clear – hundreds of thousands of migrant children whose parents sent them into the United States alone or with a human trafficker remained in Obama administration facilities for up to months at a time, before eventual release or repatriation.

In fact, if one adds up just the unaccompanied minors taken into custody between 2008 – 2016 (here and here), nearly 300,000 children were placed in federal housing under Obama.

The above facts come from the U.S. government’s own figures. During the Obama years, the Establishment Media rarely mentioned the border facilities being used to temporarily house illegal immigrants – including children. In 2018 those very same facilities were suddenly being described as “concentration camps.”

The hypocrisy and deception are so glaring and yet these same media figures who have perpetrated the hoax still wonder why the public views their profession with such disdain. They bristle at the term “Fake News” while at the very same time getting caught creating and spreading fake news over and over again.

So here is what you can do. Every time someone attempts to push the fake anti-Trump “concentration camp” narrative, remind them that those are Obama-era facilities that were used to house far more children for far longer periods of time during the Obama years.

In short, give them the facts.


The Never-Trump Republicans Are All But Gone – Long Live The Age Of Trump

Spot-on analysis by The American Spectator noting the swift demise of the never-Trump Republicans and the rise of pro-Trump Americanism that is a blend of conservative, libertarian, and traditional/working class/Democrats that has made Donald Trump the most significant politicians of the modern era since Ronald Reagan.

A must read and share for any Trump supporter. Enjoy.

They’ll always have Twitter and MSNBC.

With the installation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and a yet-to-be-named reliable replacement for the unreliable Anthony Kennedy, Donald Trump will have confirmed himself as the most consequential conservative president of the modern era (or a close second to Reagan if you’re nostalgic). This will be complete vindication for Trump supporters, which means it’s really the end for the so-called Never Trump conservatives. Of course, there have been so many humiliating defeats for that crowd that we are spoiled for choice. What was your favorite blunder, or blown prediction, which marked their ignominious end?

For some, it must have been in March when Bill Kristol, longtime editor of the conservative magazine the Weekly Standard, showed up in New Hampshire telling people he would run against President Trump in 2020. Or in April when the conservative website RedState was taken over and purged of writers who were “insufficiently supportive” of the president. Some go back to October 2017 when a Twitter spat broke out between Stephen Hayes and Brit Hume of Fox News over the Weekly Standard’s anti-Trump editorials. With the death last week of Charles Krauthammer, the revered neocon commentator and prominent Trump skeptic, the eclipse of the neocon intellectuals is complete.

…Looking back, it now seems self-evident that conservative pundits were preposterously out of touch. (Who isn’t amused by the poindexter pretentiousness of George Will’s bow-ties or the pseudo-scholarly piffle of Jonah Goldberg’s byline as “the inaugural holder of the Asness Chair in Applied Liberty?”). These intellectuals barely noticed the opioid crisis running through small town America; or the base’s anger regarding illegal immigration; and they were adamantly opposed to any restriction of free trade while working class frustrations mounted over NAFTA and its ilk. (This explains why J. D. Vance and his book Hillbilly Elegy was Washington’s must-read book of 2017: it provided a portrait of rural America that the political class could digest without condescending to visit such places or talk to such voters.) It turns out that conservative intellectuals, living inside the “Acela Corridor” and funded exclusively by think tanks and foundations, are poor barometers of Republican voter concerns.

…There is also a low-testosterone, dilettantish strain of conservatism that has overdeveloped in the “mainstream” media to create such sterile hybrids as Michael Gerson and George Will and David Brooks. Nothing sunk these so-called wise men lower in the estimation of their fellow conservatives than their blithe indifference to the Clintons’ gangsterism. While Trump threw wild verbal haymakers at Hillary at campaign rallies, these intellectuals were basically on TV announcing they would be accommodationists for the Clinton Machine’s inevitable victory. Trump’s base was fighting a war; these guys were sipping tea. The contrast in styles of conservatism was stark: it was the pugnacious billionaire against the stuffy wimps.


And there you have it. Millions of Americans were ready to try and save a country they loved that they knew was slipping away from them. These are men and women who refuse to let that happen without a fight. They just needed a leader willing to fight with them, and for them, and alongside them.

That leader is Donald Trump. D.C.’s intellectual elites couldn’t understand because their arrogance and self-serving brand of weak-tea conservatism made them ignorant to the world around them. Their time is over. Trump’s time is here – and America is much better for it.


Reporter Resigns After Claiming Annapolis Shooter Was Wearing MAGA Hat During Shooting

Sadly, this is the new normal among Trump-hating “journalists” these days – and despite this particular reporter’s resignation, media figures across the country continue to try and place blame at the feet of President Trump for the actions of a deranged Hispanic man with a dispute against an Annapolis newspaper that dates back to the Obama years. And they wonder why so few Americans trust the Mainstream Media? 

Via The Hill:

A newspaper reporter in Massachusetts resigned on Friday after falsely claiming in a tweet that the gunman who opened fire on a newsroom in Maryland a day earlier was wearing a hat bearing President Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Conor Berry, a reporter at The Republican in Springfield, Mass., said on Twitter that his journalism career “came to a screeching halt” after the tweet on Thursday, and offered an apology to fellow reporters and Trump supporters.


#Walkaway Is Real, It’s Happening, And It’s Amazing

The #walkaway movement is underway as MILLIONS choose to leave a Democrat Party that left them and their interests decades ago. While the Trump economy continues to surge, as jobs pour into communities that had given up hope, as consumer confidence soars and American-led peace is extended throughout the world, more and more are looking at the lies spewed by the Establishment Media and the political elites against President Trump and saying, ENOUGH.

It is truly a beautiful thing to behold…


“How Can This Be?” Dems & Media Cry As Trump Approval Among Hispanic Voters Jumps 10% In Just One Month

They’ve spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars attempting to spin President Trump as a racist. That attempt is falling on a whole lot of deaf ears and it now has political and media leftists in a rage as a new poll shows Donald Trump’s popularity among Hispanic voters (as well as ALL Democrats!) surging in the last month to historic highs.

Via the Daily Wire:

A new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll released exclusively to The Hill revealed something astonishing: not that President Trump’s approval continued to climb, resting at 47%, but that his approval rating among Hispanics soared a staggering 10 points in the last month.
Trump’s approval rating also climbed six points among Republicans and even four points among Democrats from where it stood last month.

The majority of respondents approved of Trump’s efforts to stimulate jobs, handle the economy, and fight terrorism.

As The Hill noted of Trump, “He has a higher approval rating among Republican voters at this stage of his presidency than any GOP president in the modern era except for President George W. Bush, according to Gallup data.” (Bush’s approval rating was very high following the 9-11 attacks and then plummetted two years later.)

The far left in America is losing its grip as President Trump appears to be growing stronger and stronger. The more they attack him through outright lies, threats, and Deep State trickery, the more his support grows among all Americans.


AUDIO: Listen To Panicked DNC Workers Following News Of Justice Kennedy’s Retirement From The Supreme Court

Of course, D.C. Whispers shared the information of Justice Kennedy’s retirement months earlier (scooping the New York Times no less!) so this wasn’t news to our regular readers.

Just wait until these same DNC employees learn of yet ANOTHER Supreme Court vacancy that is rumored to be in the works.