BOOM! Watch Former Fed Prosecutor Smash Anti-Trump Commentator’s Biased Version Of “Truth”

Joe diGenova isn’t playing here. What is going on within the far left media is appalling. They are taking lies and calling them truths and taking truths and calling them lies and then taking honest public servants and calling them dishonest when their positions don’t support the anti-Trump agenda. America needs MORE people like diGenova to stand up to this dangerous and deceptive hypocrisy that infects nearly every facet of the media today. The facts are undeniable regarding the Mueller investigation. After nearly two years and tens of millions of dollars wasted, there was no collusion and no obstruction – PERIOD. The media is now working double-time to try and spin that reality into something else. If they are allowed to do so this is no longer America because if a president isn’t free to do his job then none of us are. If you support attacking President Trump then you support attacking everything this country once stood for—namely freedom, liberty, and the right to self-expression. And it has been the Democrat Party and the media who have created this very real division that is now tearing the nation apart. The choice should be very clear by now. You either support the president or you support all-out fascism. It really is one or the other at this point.

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