Both Liberals & Conservatives Outraged Over CNN Targeting Private Citizen For Creating Trump vs CNN Meme

It was the meme heard ’round the world. Clearly intended to poke fun at a flailing and repeatedly proven dishonest CNN, it depicted Donald Trump going WWF on a CNN logo. Much laughter ensued.

For that, CNN launched a full-on investigation into the private citizen behind the meme and then threatened to out them.

The backlash is now growing against the news network and it is coming from both sides of America’s political spectrum.


A liberal Reddit activist posted this list of CNN advertisers – clearly wanting to punish the network for its decision to attack a private citizen over a meme:

Perhaps the incident is finally waking some up to the fact that where the Mainstream Media and Establishment politics are concerned there actually is no “conservative” or “liberal” but only power vs the powerless. Establishment forces have been playing one side against the other for decades while continually growing the power of government while taking power from the people.

Whether you agree or disagree with Donald Trump as President or Donald Trump as a person, he is at this moment the single greatest threat to the Establishment powers.