BREAKING: Clinton Campaign Manager Confirms D.C. Whispers Trump Wiretap Scenario

Well…well…well, today Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook admitted to knowledge of Trump-related wire taps during the taking place during the presidential campaign. This surveillance, according to Mook, was initially to monitor Russian operatives, not the Trump campaign. This is the exact excuse/scenario outlined in an earlier D.C. Whispers report:

Obama Administration Was Using Russian Spies To Monitor Trump Campaign?

“It is an interesting and plausible premise. The Obama government needs no court approval to monitor communications of foreign agents. One or more Russian operatives who were already being monitored, were then instructed to repeatedly communicate to Trump campaign associates. Those communications could then be monitored and none would require court approval. “

And here is a report on Mr. Mook indicating to Fox News something very similar to the nefarious plan outlined above:


Basically, Mook and others are now blaming the Russians for the wiretapping of a political opponent in the middle of a presidential election. (It seems the Russian are to blame for everything these days, at least in the minds of Democrats and the liberal media) There is also another very important problem here. Those wiretaps, whether they are being used against Trump and his campaign, and/or Russian operatives, would be classified.

With that fact in mind, how in the heck is someone like Robbie Mook have knowledge of them? How much classified information was being purposely disseminated by the Obama government in an attempt to sway the election?

Obamagate is getting messier and messier…