BREAKING: Democrats Believe Bigfoot Is Real

Well, at least if you apply the same line of thinking that is now creating such logic-bending histrionics following today’s Robert Mueller statement that has the now-former former Special Counsel crossing his fingers that he’ll be allowed to ride into the proverbial retirement sunset without having to answer actual questions from Congress about how his investigation originated and the many abuses contained therein. 

“But Mueller says Congress should impeach!” NO, he most definitely did NOT say that.

What Mr. Mueller effectively said today (again) is that he wouldn’t say conclusively that Trump was innocent of obstructing an investigation that has now since been proven undeniably to be a complete hoax (Russia collusion) but that doesn’t mean that Trump might/maybe/could be guilty of something so if the #MadCongress wants to continue waging political investigations then, by all means, go for it. 

In the end, it’s just another black mark on the Deep State’s ongoing attempt to subvert fairness and transparency while it attempts to destroy a duly elected president.