BREAKING: Ilhan Omar Endorses Violence Against Members Of Congress

So far the far-left media has been absolutely silent, apparently far too busy continuing to ignore the dangerous problems in places like Baltimore that President Trump is working hard to improve.

Still, advocating for violence against a sitting member of Congress? Even for radical Democrats that has to be beyond the pale given the recent attacks that have been perpetrated against Republicans.

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ABOVE: Congresswoman Ilhan Omar retweeted comments that condoned the attack perpetrated against Senator Rand Paul last year which put the senator in the hospital with six broken ribs and a punctured lung. This attack took place not long after a horrific shooting took place against Republican members of Congress during a D.C. softball game. Six people were injured including Congressman Steve Scalise who was nearly killed. Senator Rand Paul was also among those who were fired at, making Congresswoman Omar’s re-tweet that much more shocking/appalling.


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