BREAKING: POTUS Trump Calls Roy Moore From AF1 And Tells Him “GO GET ‘EM ROY!”

As reported via OAN


BREAKING: One America News has confirmed with Judge Roy Moore’s campaign that President Donald Trump called the judge from Air Force One en route to Utah.

Judge Moore’s campaign chairman Mr. Bill Armistead told OAN first about the short phone conversation. 
President Trump told the senatorial candidate that he “liked a fighter.”
The president also told Moore that he needed a fighter on Capitol Hill.
President Trump ended the telephone conversation by saying, “Go get ‘em Roy.”
Judge Roy Moore is the Republican candidate for the Alabama senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
Moore faces Democrat candidate Doug Jones in a December 12 special election.


This is a clear sign that the earlier reporting by D.C. Whispers HERE that outlined how on-the-ground information had Roy Moore still winning despite an incredibly aggressive and well-funded campaign to defeat him, was accurate. POTUS Trump would not be so open about an endorsement if he was not getting that same kind of information. He knows the polls are wrong, and he doesn’t care about the media backlash that will soon come with today’s “go get ’em Roy!” endorsement.

As it stands right now, barring vote tampering by Democrats and Establishment Republicans, Roy Moore will likely defeat his challenger on December 12th by as much as double-digits.