BRILLIANT! Democrats Outraged When Forced To Listen To Their Own Words

In a brilliant move by Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz, Democrats had to sit and listen to their words from just a few months earlier when they were dismissing the mess at the southern border as being a made-up crisis “manufactured” by President Trump.

Then, thinking it might prove politically advantageous to them, these same Democrats (along with their far-left media cohorts, started to denounce President Trump for his handling of the very crisis at the border which they just weeks earlier said didn’t exist! 

President Trump has taught Republicans how to fight back and one of the easiest ways to do so is to go public with the multitude of deceptions Democrats so eagerly engage in after decades of being allowed to do so by the far-left media. The president and his tens of millions of followers, as well as a growing number of Republicans learning from their example, represent a new and powerful media that have one very important weapon on their side—the truth. 

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