“Build A Wall And Crime Will Fall” Goes Viral As Democrats In Congress Beg Pelosi To Make A Deal


So goes the presidential rallying cry that is now taking social media by storm, much to the chagrin of exhausted Democrats in Congress who are beginning to truly feel the pressure of the ongoing government shutdown. Part of that pressure comes from the truth finally getting out regarding how much crime illegal immigrants are truly responsible for. It’s a LOT. 

Open borders/anti-America advocates are attempting to push back against the slogan by citing already-dissproven far left talking point about how immigrants have lower crime rates than the rest of the U.S. population.

That’s a common falsehood as it has little to do with ILLEGAL immigration. Illegal immigrants are FAR MORE LIKELY to commit violent crimes than legal citizens. Illegal immigrants are NOT more law-abiding than legal citizens. PERIOD. END OF DISCUSSION.

This very subject was dealt with directly by an earlier D.C. Whispers report:

PROOF: Illegal Immigrants Commit Far More Crime Than Legal Citizens In America

“The U.S. government never released illegal immigrant crime data – until now. And guess what? The real numbers are shockingly bad. For years the far left globalists have been claiming illegal immigrants are hard-working, upstanding people. THAT WAS A LIE. Illegal immigrants account for 22% of all murders, 18% of all fraud, 33% of all money-laundering, 29% of all drug trafficking, and 72% of all drug possession charges in this country.” 

PROOF: Illegal Immigrants Commit Far More Crime Than Legal Citizens In America (MUST-SEE VIDEO)

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