BUSTED! Trump Favorability Polls As Fake As Fake News Can Get

Want to know a dirty little secret liberal media pundits don’t want you to know? Donald Trump is far more popular with the American people than any of the far left polling data would have you believe. Those very same polls that were so wrong in predicted the 2016 presidential outcome are being used again to try and convince Americans Trump is an unpopular and highly divisive president.

These polling firms lied repeatedly during the 2016 election cycle and they have continued lying about the POTUS Trump’s popularity among voters.

Via the the Daily Caller:

EXCLUSIVE: Uh Oh. Pollsters Are Screwing Up Again

Most national pollsters are back churning out biased and misleading poll numbers after recovering from their shock over President Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group analysis.

“I do know inherently there is a Democratic bias in the polls. And most of them will deny it” says Raghavan Mayur, an independent pollster who is president of TechnoMetrica, which leads the polling operations at Investor’s Business Daily.

A national financial news organization, IBD was one of the few polling organizations to predict a Trump victory, and it has accurately called the last four presidential elections.

“Typically, the mainstream media and the major polling companies will never admit their bias to you,” Mayur said. “This is like an alcoholic not admitting to using alcohol. They are in denial.”

Why are polling firms so determined to continued lying and being proven wrong? Because they have been lying to the American people for so long it is all they know how to do.

Don’t buy the lie. Think for yourself and join the effort to Make America Great Again.