Caught Again! Fake News Media Ignores Mueller’s Admission That Barr’s Summary Was Accurate

They are so shameless, so desperate, so seemingly willing to say anything in the hopes of damaging the (highly successful) Trump presidency, and yet time and time again they get caught in the act of willfully lying to the American people. 

Today it was the “Breaking News” headlines that Robert Mueller complained Attorney General William Barr “misinterpreted” the 400-page Mueller report. 

Guess what? That wasn’t even close to Mueller’s (minor) complaint which was actually focused on THE MEDIA MISINTERPRETING THE REPORT.

That headline above was The Washington Post’s claim regarding the oh-my-gosh report of Mueller’s complaints against Barr.

Ah, but buried deep within that very same report was the following:

“When Barr pressed him whether he thought Barr’s letter was inaccurate, Mueller said he did not, but felt that the media coverage of the letter was misinterpreting the investigation, officials said.”

So what we have is Mueller raising some negligible complaints, then either him or someone close to him leaking that complaint to the media, who then attempt to turn negligible into a BREAKING NEWS story not based on fact or even thoughtful conjecture, but outright gross exaggeration/lies. The media knew Mueller admitted to the Attorney General that the summation of the 400-page report WAS ACCURATE.


Ah, but instead of acknowledging that fact with accurate headlines saying as much, this is what we get from the far left:

What the two men are doing above isn’t merely moronic, it’s dangerously dishonest and irresponsible and in fact, is actually what Mueller was complaining about most – fake news media coverage!

Here’s the truth of the matter. Attorney General Barr already has a good idea who the real crooks are in this entire two-plus year hoax and some self-important media figures are among them.


If the far left media and their Democrat cohorts think they can cower a man like Bill Barr they are about to be sadly disappointed.

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