CAUGHT: Fake News Networks Push “18 School Shootings Since Beginning Of Year” Claim. That Claim Is FALSE

The Establishment media was near-breathless in its attempt to rush out and blame Donald Trump for the Florida school shooting tragedy. Among the tools used was an oft-repeated claim that there have been 18 school shootings since January – the implication being the nation’s schools have descended into complete anarchy since Mr. Trump became President.

That claim is a lie as the following will easily explain:

First, let’s take a quote from ABC’s David Muir:

“You know, scenes like these today, shootings at schools, an all-too-familiar sight across this country. This shooting, by one count, the 18th just this year. Multiple fatalities at several of those shootings.”

A version of that same quote was repeated over and over again by the Establishment Media. Either they didn’t bother to fact-check or they didn’t care and willfully forwarded a gross misrepresentation of fact as outlined via Newsbusters:

…Gutowski found that Everytown’s dubiously definition of a school shooting meant it included many incidents a reasonable person wouldn’t equate to a school shooting: (including the accidental discharge of a firearm, a random firing outside of a college campus that was likely inner-city violence related, etc. The media is lumping any and all gun-related incidents that took place at or near schools throughout the nation and coming up with their “18 school shootings” claim.)

This broad definition places two separate suicides, a January 9 incident where a man shot a BB gun at a bus window resulting in no injuries; a January 10 incident where a student in a criminal justice club accidentally shot a peace officer’s real gun at a target on a classroom wall instead of a training gun resulting in no injuries; a January 9 incident where gun shots were fired from somewhere outside of Cal State San Bernardino, which struck a building on campus without injuries; and other incidents next to the murder of a Winston-Salem State University student at a nightclub on the Wake Forest University campus, the January 22 shooting of a 15-year-old at a Dallas-area high school, and Tuesday’s Marshall County High School shooting which left 2 dead and 18 others injured.

“In its explanation of its count, Everytown includes an open call for new gun-control measures as a result of the number of school shootings it claims occur each year in the United States,” Gutowski added.

The liberal networks were eager to push gun control come hell or high water regardless of what the truth was.