Check Out The Avenatti Tweet He Sent Out Just One Hour Before Being Arrested

Attorney Michael Avenatti rose to fame via more than 200 appearances on CNN last year spouting fake news about President Trump. Mr. Avenatti even toyed with the idea of running against the president in 2020 – an idea that generated considerable support among the anti-Trump radicals that infect American politics and media. Some warned of Avenatti’s checkered past, his penchant for legal intimidation, etc., but CNN and other anti-Trump media didn’t care. Avenatti spoke against President Trump and that’s all that mattered to them – the truth be damned. So now just 24 hours after the Trump-Russia collusion hoax collapsed, federal officers arrested Avenatti for extortion. 

Could this be but the first of many deserved paybacks to come via the Trump White House?

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