CNN Admits Air Force Academy “Hate Crime” Was All A Hoax Committed By Black Cadet

It was just a little over a month ago that CNN gave wall-to-wall coverage of a then-described “hate-crime” at an Air Force academy when five inflammatory messages were found scrawled on the doors of five black cadets. CNN and other media outlets assumed those messages were undeniable signs of hatred against minorities within the Air Force, and by default, an extension of the hatred they allege is shared by millions of Donald Trump supporters.

Today we learned the entire “crime” was a hoax perpetrated by a black cadet.

Here is CNN sheepishly admitting as much. You can hear the disappointment over how this wasn’t a case of real racism.

It was a non-story made into a story by left wing media hacks like CNN. That is the part they won’t admit. When the CNN host describes the story as being “huge” it never was except within their own need to push an agenda. They took a nothing event and turned it into an all-important “teachable moment” that was in fact a media-generated hoax.

CNN’s Fake News Machine has been caught red-handed yet again.