CNN Eliminates Jobs As Ratings Plummet 26%

Parent company AT&T is attempting to reorganize the hot mess that is CNN with a round of deep cuts/layoffs which some CNN personalities are attempting to spin as “voluntary buyouts.” 

Call it a firing or a buyout, does it really matter? The once-mighty news network has become a near constant joke of anti-Trump fake news obsession and its precipitous drop in the ratings reflect that fact.

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Hurting in ratings, CNN is now pushing for ‘voluntary layoffs’.

CNN says roughly 100 employees have accepted voluntary buyouts a month after an overhaul by parent company AT&T.

Brian Stelter, also confirmed the rumor, trying to spin it as “hundreds of staffers leaving CNN, as voluntary buyouts.” (a comment he was overwhelmingly mocked for – much like the network he works for.)