“CNN Is A Super PAC For The Democrat Party.”

Tucker Carlson lays out a very compelling case for how CNN has devolved into outright partisan hackery throughout its “news” lineup. Where other cable news outlets make a clear distinction between its news and commentary hours, CNN is all opinion all the time so long as that opinion trashes the current President of the United States which makes it seem plausible that CNN should have to file as a Super PAC.

Check it out:

The Democrat Party is running on ideological fumes. It suffers from no ideas beyond the astonishingly ignorant rollout of the laughable “New Green Deal” that would pay people for choosing not to work and wage a war on cow farts.

Enter CNN. After the collapse of the Trump-Russia hoax CNN quickly attempted to hide their own part in that two-year-long series of lies by following Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lead and talking up the healthcare issue. Both the Democrats and CNN are now hoping to remove the stench of an attempted coup of a sitting president from themselves. That will work on some Americans. There are likely 30% or so who will hate President Trump no matter how successful his administration proves to be and given their tanking ratings it appears, for now, that CNN is fine with that.

One has to wonder, though, if there are some at CNN who have grown weary of having to carry the Democrat Party’s water for so long. Who want the opportunity to actually be real journalists.

We shall see. Until then the ratings will continue to decline, the once-great news network will continue to be the butt of many a “fake news” jokes, and President Trump will continue to do the work of the American people.

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