CNN LIVID Over Fake News Moniker – Has Security Escort Guest From Building Who Brings It Up During Live Interview

CNN is a very-very unhappy 24/7 fake news network these days and no better proof of that fact can be found than its use of studio security to escort an interview guest out of the building who dared remind CNN of the fake news controversy that surrounds it due to repeated gaffes and far left, anti-American bias:

CNN’s credibility is in as much of a shambles as Hollywood and its pathetic and superficial “Me Too” campaign that does nothing to actually call out the issues of sexism and ongoing pedophilia that is rampant throughout the industry – just as CNN has done nothing to call out its own issue of vanquished credibility.

And once AGAIN CNN has been caught in a lie. The network hastily reported to other news agencies following the Stephen Miller interview debacle in which a flustered and increasingly agitated Jake Tapper suddenly cut short the interview altogether, that they “had to” escort Mr. Miller from the building.


Stephen Miller left of his own accord. Security was apparently called, (some now suggest as part of a publicity stunt and not actually out of necessity) but certainly was not needed to remove him from the premises.

From producers, to the news director, to Jake Tapper himself, apparently the entirety of the CNN staff are livid over the continued use of “FAKE NEWS” to describe their network.

Well, if the shoe fits…