CNN Says, “We Must Do Something About White Men.” (VIDEO)

No one is going to confuse Don Lemon as an intellectual who actually understands the complexities of a diverse and often combative free society, but even he should be aware the racist and authoritative overtones of what he’s saying when he attacks an entire class of people. Replace the term ‘white men’ with ‘Jew’ and he would fit quite comfortably in Nazi-era Germany.

So, according to Lemon, white men in America must be dealt with pronto. What ‘dealt with’ implies isn’t clear but Mr. Lemon’s hatred of white men clearly is—despite the fact he is dating one. He sees white men as less than, subhuman if you will.

By giving a nightly platform for such bias and hatred CNN is completely complicit in its dissemination to the greater public.

It is a network that left news programming long ago and is now committed fully to outright hate speech.

Turn it off, America.