CONFIRMED: Trump White House Reviewing Spygate Doc Declassification

Following immense pressure from the FBI and DOJ to NOT declassify docs pertaining to Obama-era intelligence agencies that were effectively spying on the political opposition (The Trump campaign) in an attempt to help the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Trump White House is now undergoing a careful review as some on the White House Counsel are said to oppose the declassification even as President Trump is apparently pushing for them to do so. This is new development is confirmation of a D.C. Whispers report on this very subject from days earlier.

Via The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump is insistent on releasing FBI and DOJ documents related to surveillance of campaign advisers, but he has received pushback from White House lawyers, according to multiple sources.

House Republicans have pressed Trump to release the documents.

Congressional sources say they expect Trump to release the records, but they have tempered their expectations on when they will be made public.
White House lawyers are actively reviewing controversial FBI and Department of Justice documents relating to the 2016 presidential campaign for possible declassification, multiple sources with knowledge tell The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The review process is being led by Emmet Flood of the White House Counsel’s office at the urging of an insistent president, two sources with knowledge of the process told TheDCNF. A source close to the president noted that Flood and his colleagues within the counsel’s office are generally opposed to declassification, out of the concern for the precedent it would set as well as any unintended consequences of making the information public.

Sources cautioned that declassification could occur as soon as this week, though the uncertainty reflects the nature of the review process itself.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders demurred on declassification in a Monday briefing saying, “I can’t get into that right now.”