D.C. Whispers CONFIRMED: Roy Moore Leads By Double-Digits

Yesterday D.C. Whispers went live with the following headline:

Don’t Believe The Alabama Senate Race Polls – Roy Moore Is Still Winning

24-hours later here is a Gateway Pundit headline and accompanying story:

UPDATE: Roy Moore Jumps to 15 POINT LEAD in PredictIt Market as Accuser Accusations Fall Apart

Before the Washington Post story broke, Roy Moore was almost a lock to win at 89 percent in PredictIt’s Alabama Senate race prediction market. After the allegations surfaced, Moore’s odds dropped to 59 percent that day. He remained a slight favorite over Doug Jones, who also saw a significant bump on the news, until Monday when a fifth woman came forward with allegations against Moore.

On Monday afternoon, for the first time in the race, PredictIt traders had Doug Jones in the lead at 47 percent to Moore’s 38 percent.

Moore has since regained a huge lead in the PredictIt market.

As of Saturday afternoon Conservative Republican Roy Moore was back up on top of Doug Jones in the Alabama race.

Moore now leads in the PredictIt market 57 to 47.

That is a 19 point jump in little bit more than a week.


Roy Moore’s surge in recent days as first outlined here at D.C. Whispers is not a guarantee of victory for the controversial Alabama judge but rather confirmation of the political reality on the ground that the Mainstream Media (and the anti-Moore push allegedly being coordinated in part by Mitch McConnell) refuses to cover. The anti-Moore forces remain determined and will likely ramp up the attacks against him in the coming days.

For now, though, Alabama voters don’t appear to be falling for it.


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