DAVOS: Trump’s Trip Into The Globalist Lion’s Den


Gone are the days of a slouched, conciliatory, giggling and limp-wristed Barack Obama who for eight years preened and pranced his way into what was the warm embrace of the Davos elites. Mr. Obama was a thing of their own making, a caricature born deep within the disease-riddled bowels of anti-Americanism that run rampant throughout universities, Hollywood, and institutions like the United Nations. Their collective imaginings inseminated a concept and after a gestation of decades, shat Obama out. They marveled at how you really can polish a turd and sell ice to Eskimos.  As Joe Biden once said, “He’s bright and clean…”

Obama did what he has always done since developing enough self-awareness to know who he was and will always be.

He kissed the ring while the organ music played.

That time is finished. Mr. Obama has been relegated back to the shadows where he has always been more comfortable. He is a creature of habit, and his habit has, and remains, those things that go bump in the night. Sure, the elites will drag him out from time to time to remind themselves and the world what they are capable of – only to send him scurrying back into his closet when that brief work is finished.

This year in Davos, though, there will be no America groveling at the feet of its supposed masters. Donald Trump is a different thing altogether. A man not of their making – but of his own and the millions of Americans who placed him in a position to push back against the globalist elites who remain desperate to tear the United States apart.

Where Obama pranced, Trump will stride.

Where Obama bowed, Trump will stand broad-shouldered and confident.

Where Obama apologized for America, Trump will demand it be respected.

He will look these elites in their dark orbs and remind them he truly doesn’t give a shit. He’s a Teddy Roosevelt for the new century. Trump might not speak softly, but he does carry a big stick, and he’s more than happy to slap it across the faces of the globalists if need be. And the elites being the elites, men and women who ultimately long for self-abuse, will feign outrage while privately begging for more.

They really are such a dirty-dirty bunch.

What they don’t yet realize is that President Trump isn’t merely entering the lion’s den.

He IS the lion – and they just invited him in.