Deep State Increasingly Frustrated Trump Hasn’t Attempted To Fire Mueller – Here’s Why

POTUS Trump was supposed to have fallen into the Deep State’s trap by now. A barrage of (illegal) leaks from security officials throughout the government along with all-too-willing accomplices in the Mainstream Media were intended to drive a normally highly-combative Donald Trump to attempt to fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller and thus set off an all-encompassing push to get the President of the United States charged with obstruction. These charges would have had significant support among a handful of high-ranking Establishment republicans who were in on the scheme from the beginning. So says a source on The Hill:

“Trump was supposed to have made a move against Mueller weeks ago. This would have required him to try and get the Assistant Attorney General to do it. That request would have been refused. Trump would have fired the AAG and put someone else in his place to fire Mueller. That’s where a group in Congress would jump in along with some Deep State operatives to try and trap the President on obstruction – an impeachable offense. The fact is, they fully expected the country to be watching 24/7 coverage of impeachment hearings by now. That hasn’t happened and they’re not happy about it. The Flynn fiasco, the false report, is confirmation of just how desperate they are becoming. After months they’ve got nothing. The President did nothing wrong. We have the former head of the FBI sending out weird little tweets about impending justice. The guy is a crackpot and the world is starting to see that. In fact, the only illegality to come out of this mess is from the former Obama administration. Illegal surveillance, weaponizing the intelligence community against the political opposition, destruction of evidence, media collusion, it goes on and on and on.”

Robert Mueller is running out of time. He needs to come up with something, anything, to damage the President or even many who have supported the investigation will fear a public backlash over what is increasingly apparent has been a political witch-hunt all along. It is at this moment the Deep State will be at its most desperate – and dangerous.