Deep State Now Threatening To Imprison Congressman Nunes For Wanting To #ReleaseTheMemo

Logic dictates that if there was nothing in the memo that threatens the political establishment there wouldn’t be such a fuss about its potential release. Then again, if the memo outlines rampant abuses by a federal government (including actual collusion with foreign powers) to first sway an election for the Obama-approved candidate, and then when that failed, initiate a false investigation into the new President, including but not limited to, a constant stream of orchestrated leaks of what should be classified information, the American people might rightfully be so upset they push the reset button on the whole damn lot of them. The political establishment was in on it. The Deep State was in on it. And the Mainstream Media was in on it.

That might explain why they are now actually threatening imprisonment for those who wish to make this information available to the public:


REPORT: Are You A Conservative? Then Chances Are The Obama Government Was Spying On You.