Democrat Socialists Are Following The Hitler Playbook For Chaos, Tragedy, And Ultimate Control Of America…

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Denounce that which you actually are to deceive those who might otherwise not accept what you’re doing. Antifa declares itself anti-fascist yet its actions, its intimidations, and too often the outright dangerous violence it repeatedly perpetrates are the actions of a fascist group. It’s the very same deceptive playbook utilized by Adolph Hitler and nearly every other totalitarian regime throughout modern human history – claim to be for good while dividing groups against each other and as time goes on, becoming increasingly militant against those who oppose you.

And make no mistake, today’s Socialist Democrat Party is merely a branch of this entire Antifa-fueled anti-American movement that now permeates most of the far-left media, including social media, Hollywood, and news organizations.

Both the likely mentally ill Dayton and El Paso shooters had clear Antifa inclinations. From their calls for government-mandated health care to a denouncement of traditional American values, they share far more in common than the far-left media would have you believe. The Dayton shooter’s support of socialism and figures like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders has been all but ignored by the media while the El Paso shooter’s hateful anti-immigration rhetoric has been amplified yet his radical environmentalism and calls for government-mandated universal healthcare, dismissed – themes of which Antifa, a largely all-white non-inclusive group, also support.

What followed the shootings was a stunning agenda of further intimidation and deceptions by both far-left media and political figures. A CNN host called for the “eradication” of all Trump supporters. Shortly after the call for eradication went out a Democrat congressman went public with a list of names and businesses who donated to President Trump. Soon after that a group of protesters showed up at Senate Leader Mitch McConnel’s home and threatened to “stab him in the chest with a knife.” When the McConnell staff posted the threats on Twitter guess what happened? Twitter shut down the McConnell office’s Twitter feed while late-night TV joked about McConnell falling and breaking his shoulder. And just today, Hollywood elites and news agencies are pushing to destroy businesses that support the president.

The above is all Hitler 101. Slander your opposition, create chaos, threaten violence and then start to act on those threats so that people become increasingly fearful of speaking their mind, losing their job, their home, or even their life, all of which forcefully clears the path for group-think totalitarianism.

The Founding Fathers put the 1st Amendment FIRST for a reason. The freedom to think and share and discuss ideas is the foundation upon which all other freedoms follow.

We are now living in a time in America where that foundation and all those freedoms are under constant attack. People are being divided, pushed away, pushed down, and ordered to accept the socialist far-left group-think agenda or face increasingly severe consequences up to and including extermination.

Sadly, humankind has seen this before. We here in America should all be worried it’s happening yet again.

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