Democrats’ anti-Trump tax cut talking point just collapsed — tax refunds are up this year

In typical Establishment Media fashion, the headlines were written and then repeated by Democrats after which more headlines were written about Democrats repeating the original headlines.


So went the lie for a few weeks that is now being proven wrong with actual data. Tax refunds are actually UP this year. Gee, wonder if the media and all those Democrat politicians will come out publicly and admit they were lying to the American people? Don’t hold your breath…

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Via Yahoo News:

The IRS has released new data about tax filing season that has put weeks of overhyped media stories to rest: Compared to last year, refunds are now up 1.3 percent on average. Many politicians were quick to jump to conclusions about how tax refund data had proven that the recent tax cut law was a bad idea, but it’s turning out that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has been on the whole a windfall for taxpayers up and down the income ladder.

…When it comes to tax liability, the vast majority of American families come out ahead. The Tax Policy Center found that 90 percent of middle-class American families would receive a tax cut this year, while the Tax Foundation estimated that middle-class families would receive an average tax cut of 1.7 percent (the most significant reduction of any income level, including the wealthiest).

That didn’t stop Sen. Kamala Harris from stating that this was proof that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was a “middle-class tax hike to line the pockets of already wealthy corporations and the 1 percent.” Nor did it prevent Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee tweeting out an article slamming the TCJA for “falling refunds” just a few hours before the IRS released its updated data showing refunds higher than last year.

Hopefully, Sen. Harris and the Ways and Means Committee Democrats knew what they were tweeting was misleading when they tweeted it, and let’s face it: Politicians sometimes say misleading things. That being said, they should have known that there was a good chance their overconfidence would come back to bite them.

For the vast majority of Americans, the TCJA left them with more money in their pocket. If you want to know how tax reform affected you, you’re better off looking at the amount in taxes you paid this year than the size of your refund.


Some people are getting lower refunds because they are now paying LESS in taxes. Both the media and Democrats know this and are purposely perpetrated a lie, sure that the American people are stupid enough to believe it.

Let’s hope people prove Democrats wrong by showing they’re actually too smart to fall for such lies yet again.