Democrats’ Globalist Plans Become Clear: Violence At The Border, Stall The Economy, Take Over Congress, Impeach Trump

“We’re winning.” So goes the mantra of Congressional Democrats who now gleefully prepare to take the House back from Republicans and then initiate a sweeping counteroffensive to President Trump’s highly successful America First agenda that includes, but is not limited to, inciting violence at the border, stalling the economy, and ultimately pushing for the impeachment of the president leading up to the 2020 Election. 

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Nancy Pelosi is said to be trembling with anticipation over the prospect of returning to the Speaker’s office and then initiating a multitude of anti-Trump Congressional investigations certain to further divide and weaken America.

And while Democrats appear unlikely to take the Senate in 2018, they are increasingly confident that will be accomplished in 2020—along with pushing Trump out of the White House for good.

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Aiding and abetting in this attempted political coup will be the Establishment Media who are at this very moment preparing to capture the intentional violence at the border that has been planned for the last year. These same media figures are confident in the knee-jerk emotionalism of U.S. voters who they feel will then turn on President Trump and claim he is to blame.

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All that stands between the globalist intent of the Democrats and Establishment Media are millions of Trump voters. Will those millions be enough to overcome the widespread bias and corruption that infests this country’s political process?

We shall soon find out.