Democrats Have A Lot Of Explaining To Do. Find Out Why . . .

It’s a very pertinent question that should require an answer from every Democrat presidential candidate.

Why is it Democrats support fining American citizens for NOT buying health insurance while simultaneously wanting to give that same healthcare away for free to non-citizens?

Regardless of your political leanings, it’s preposterous—at least to anyone looking at the issue honestly.

Law-abiding Americans are punished for not buying insurance while those who come here illegally are rewarded with free health care. This is as unsustainable as it is insane and it’s pushing the entire system toward potential collapse. Pointing that out isn’t “racist” or “divisive” — it’s basic common sense.

The U.S. has always been a nation built upon, in part, a foundation of LEGAL immigration whereby people from all parts of the world are given opportunities they might not otherwise have, resulting in a multi-cultural tapestry bound by a common love of America that has made us the greatest nation on earth. It’s a truly beautiful thing but one that has been quite possibly traumatized beyond repair by politicians who would punish those who follow the law while rewarding those who don’t.

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How can this be? Ask the question. Demand the answer.

If they refuse to give an answer, dismiss them as unworthy of your consideration, your respect, and most certainly your vote.