Dems & Media Licking Chops Over Possible Government Shutdown: “SCREW THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.”

Screw the American people. That’s the position being taken by a growing number of politically rabid Democrats and their media cohorts as they desperately try and stop the momentum of President Trump and the remarkable success that has been the Trump economy. The President’s globalist enemies are now looking to a government shutdown as a way of accomplishing that goal – a goal which by the way, means they are at war with job creation for millions of Americans, including minority workers who have especially benefitted from Trump policies that are revitalizing the American Working Class.

Whispers are increasing of regular communications between high-profile media figures and politicians in D.C. regarding the impending shutdown. Democrats are promising a “show” that they are confident will hurt the President and further damage the Republican brand going into the 2018 Midterms. Democrat leaders are said to be taking a “screw the American people” position, thinking it’s more important to go to war with Trump than it is to continue allowing the economic success that is benefitting so many. As for Republican leaders, they are either as spineless as ever, or active participants in the “get Trump” government shutdown machinations.

The White House earlier dispatched Chief of Staff John Kelly this week to Congress to try and convince Republicans to hold the line. Word is General Kelly has left those meetings disgusted by the lack of loyalty and focus by the Republican leadership toward the Trump White House. Kelly is said to be particularly troubled by the duplicitous nature of Senator Lindsey Graham.


The newsroom chant across the country is now, “shut it down…shut it down…shut it down.”

Think about it. These are the very same politicians and media figures who relentlessly preach about high vital Big Government is to the health and well being of everyday Americans and yet they now are practically begging for a Big Government shutdown in the hopes it can then be used to do political harm to President Trump.