Did Obama CIA Director John Brennan Just Call For The Assassination Of Donald Trump?

It is a bizarre and deeply troubling response from the former top spook in America that even has some far-left media pundits raising their collective eyebrows. John Brennan blasted Donald Trump for the (justified) firing of the FBI’s #2, Andrew McCabe. McCabe is believed to have been implicated in a far-reaching scandal of cover-up and intimidation at the highest levels of the Obama-era FBI after which an independent investigation then strongly suggested McCabe be fired.

Why is the former head of the CIA so upset that an FBI official who it seems was clearly involved in wrongdoing, was then rightfully terminated? Could it be that same wrongdoing is linked to Mr. Brennan as well? When someone of Brennan’s former stature and Deep State connections declares a sitting President to be corrupt and will soon be “triumphed over” he is speaking in the language of overthrowing the current U.S. government.

This is remarkable both for its frothing-at-the-mouth aggressions and its very-very serious suggested implications: