Did You Know Democrats Are Packing Congressional Seats Via Millions Of Non-Citizen Votes?

It’s another dirty little secret that, for the first time, is being called out openly by some even as the far-left media continues to work to hide the truth from the American people.

Congressional districts are allocated by CITIZEN population based upon the 10-year census. That’s why Democrats and the media are now so opposed to having a citizen question included in the census. They don’t want Americans to know how many illegals are directly influencing the U.S. government. These millions of illegals are canceling out the votes of citizens and reshaping Congress, meaning those illegals are creating a Congress that works for them and not for you. If you’re okay with this go ahead and move on. If you think this is a serious breach of representative democracy then you would do well to share this information with others. Remember how much the Democrats and far-left media cried foul over some Russian social media election cycle posts? They called it an attack on America. And yet these same Democrats and far-left media openly advocate for millions of illegals voting in our elections and influencing seats in Congress.

That’s insane. 

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