Doctor Confirms Donald Trump Is Healthier Than Barack Obama!

Donald Trump healthier than his presidential predecessor, Barack Obama?

Apparently so!

Yesterday, White House physician Navy Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson gave the 71-year old Trump a very strong clean bill of health, remarking how strong the President’s heart and lung functions were and how free of any significant ailments he is. Dr. Jackson even administered a review of the President’s cognitive abilities and found him fit as a fiddle in that department as well – much to the Establishment Media’s chagrin. (It should be noted Trump scored a 30 out of 30 on the cognitive test – a great showing at any age and a remarkable result for a man now in his 70’s.) The doctor went on to describe the President as “quite sharp.”

The only minor marks against the President’s overall health were slightly elevated cholesterol levels and the need to lose a few pounds.

Compare that to Barack Obama’s first White House physical  in 2010. Like Trump, Mr. Obama was declared to be in “excellent” overall health, BUT unlike President Trump, Mr. Obama was given a stern warning to quit a longtime smoking habit and told to moderate his alcohol intake.

Obama was also found to have slightly elevated cholesterol levels – similar to POTUS Trump, as well as borderline low blood pressure. The Establishment Media downplayed the then-president’s ongoing and highly unhealthy smoking habit (as well as his cholesterol readings)  Political observers will likely recall the many times Mr. Obama suffered what is commonly referred to as a “smoker’s cough” and sometimes had difficulty giving a speech due to what was described at the time as a “throat infection.” Infection or not, it occurred throughout Mr. Obama’s eight years in the White House and was likely related to his smoking habit.

Donald Trump does not smoke nor drink. He is also biologically superior to Mr. Obama health-wise as well, given the considerable longevity of Mr. Trump’s parents. His mother died in her late 80’s while his father lived well into his 90’s. Mr. Obama on the other hand, had an alcoholic father who died young, and a mother who also died young. She was just 52 when taken by cancer.

In short, Donald Trump is a healthier President after his first year in office than Barack Obama was.

Gee, wonder why the Mainstream Media isn’t more willing to share that fact with the public?

Once again it’s up to you to do so.