DOJ Telling Trump NO On Realeasing FBI Memo

“An extraordinary threat to national security.” That is the message coming from Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd to House Republican, Kevin Nunes. Congressman Nunes wants to #realeasethememo he says details egregious abuses of power by the FBI, including it is said, illegal surveillance of the 2016 Trump for President campaign by federal intelligence officials linked to the Obama administration. 

This now-public declaration by AAG Boys mirrors an earlier D.C. Whispers report that detailed the very same claim by then-off-the-record government officials claiming the memo was too explosive and dangerous to be allowed to see the light of day.

D.C. Whispers readers will also recall another report outlining how the Mueller investigation had been sped up following the #releasethememo scandal, and that Mr. Mueller was preparing to make a request to interview the President under oath as a means of deflecting from the outrage the memo might cause and place negative focus back onto the Trump White House. Soon after, Mr. Mueller made his request for that interview  known via leaks to his media collaborators.

As for President Trump, he has so far given tacit support of the memo’s release, though has said little specifically about it. Some in D.C. are speculating the White House is using the memo as leverage against the Mueller investigation. (It is believed Mueller himself might be implicated in what the memo reveals)

Mr. Trump is back to day from a highly successful trip to Davos where he was greeted by world leaders and global elites like a rock star – much to the American media’s chagrin. Once back in the White House, the memo and its potential release, as well as Mueller’s still ongoing investigation, will loom large.