Dolly Parton Tells Elizabeth Warren – Stop Using My Music!

Dolly Parton has long been among the most beloved and respected American entertainers but that doesn’t mean she puts up with nonsense. Case in point—the use of her blockbuster hit 9 to 5 by socialist presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren. (especially ironic given Warren’s agenda would pay people for NOT working.) 

Warren is learning a hard rule—don’t mess with Dolly.

Via Fox News:

According to Dolly Parton’s manager, the singer never gave Senator Elizabeth Warren permission to use her hit song ‘9 to 5’ at a town hall rally in New York City. Parton, who is notorious for keeping both her music and herself out of politics, doesn’t ever allow her songs to be involved with any political campaigns, regardless of party affiliation. Warren’s campaign declined to comment on Parton’s manager’s response in regards to using the song.

Parton is notorious for keeping both her music and herself out of politics. Following an appearance at the 2017 Emmys alongside “9 to 5” co-stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, the two bashed President Trump live on stage. Parton lightened the mood, saying: “Well, I know about support,” the country legend said pointing at her chest.

“I don’t voice my political opinions,” she told Fox News at the time. “I just get out there and entertain. To me, that’s what I do. I don’t condemn them.”

She elaborated in a recent interview with The Guardian saying:

“I’ve got as many Republican friends as I’ve got Democrat friends and I just don’t like voicing my opinion on things. I’ve seen things before, like the Dixie Chicks. You can ruin a career for speaking out,” she said. “I respect my audience too much for that, I respect myself too much for that. Of course I have my own opinions, but that don’t mean I got to throw them out there because you’re going to piss off half the people.”

The Warren campaign declined to comment on Nozell’s response regarding its use of “9 to 5.”