Donald Trump Is America’s First Truly Post-Racial President

It wasn’t Bill Clinton who has a long and often complicated relationship with race relations and it certainly wasn’t Barack Obama who from day one on the national stage made race and religion the dangerously divisive platform upon which he built his entire political career upon. No, as much as the far-left media would have people believe otherwise, President Trump is America’s first truly post-racial president because of one simple and undeniable truth—he looks on everyone as equal regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

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That equal treatment for all extends to his sometimes rather aggressive rebukes against those he disagrees with on policy and/or character as well. That’s the thing with President Trump — he doesn’t care who you are or where you come from. If he doesn’t like something you’re doing he has no problem saying so regardless of the politically-correct rules that have already done so much harm to free speech in America. And if you attack him or his family, regardless of who you are or what color your skin is, he’ll come back at you twice as hard.

This is in stark contrast to the poll-tested politicians of our age. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, etc., all wanted to be told what to say and how to say it.

President Trump is just the opposite — he says it how he sees it, political correctness be damned. The thing is that he’s most often proven right, something the far-left media continues to give him almost no credit for. In this regard, Trump might very well be the most Martin Luther King-like in his approach to governance where his world view is primarily shaped by the content of people’s character and not the color of their skin. White? Black? Brown? Male? Female? Other? President Trump doesn’t care. For him, it’s always been about the quality of the job you do – period.

The political and media far-left (which is overwhelmingly comprised of elitist white folks) have had a very difficult time accepting this because their entire existence has been built around the idea of creating differences, attacking one group, promoting another group, and in doing so pushing an agenda that says certain kinds of people are incapable of success without their elitist-driven help and it is there one finds the foundational racism that makes up so much of what is modern American liberalism. 

President Trump truly believes anyone and everyone is capable of great things but that it’s up to them to see that potential through.  The far-left’s retort is to say “HOW DARE YOU” and call his colorblind outlook racist when it is actually just the opposite.

Watch and listen to Candace Owens give an example of this twisted, self-contradictory, and ultimately elitist racism that sadly permeates the far-left today:


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